Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Break Life

I am in full spring break mode around here and loving every minute of it. I have a lot of recap and this post is definitely a full one so I hope you're ready for lots of words and of course lots of photos! On Friday my parents and I loaded up and made the drive to Townsend, TN in the smokies, which is without a doubt one of my favorite places on earth. There is something so calming and peaceful about it and it always fills me with wonderful memories. We were there to have a big family celebration of my grandmother's 80th birthday. All of her children and grandchildren in one room makes her a very happy lady. My boyfriend (who we'll call G) made his way over Saturday and after some time relaxing around the house we gave my grandmother the sweet gift we had all worked to create. A scrapbook filled with a few pages from each of us.
As you can see, she was definitely surprised and touched by the gesture. Many tears ensued as she read through each page. We had also prepared a video message for her which led to some more tears but also some laughs. I have to tell you guys that I am so very blessed with all of my family members but this woman here is such a gift to all of us. 

Sunday called for Easter church service and a delicious lunch. Who else feels like when they're with family it is like one long meal? No? Just my family? Ok, moving on!  I had gotten myself a new dress and a shoes- because why not? So of course we needed some pictures! 
I think we clean up well! 

Everyone was clearing out Monday but G and I stuck around a little longer to do a little hiking. We got to see some gorgeous sites and really enjoy the smokies. We even saw a little wildlife- no bears much to our disappointment but we did see a pretty cool lizard which I may have thought was fake and tried to pick up only to discover I was very mistaken. 


G had planned a little spring break getaway for us so instead of heading back to Greenville we made our way to Asheville. We decided to take the scenic route on the parkways and we were not at all disappointed with our decision. It may have taken a little longer to get there but it was the most gorgeous day with the most beautiful views. AND as we were going through Cherokee we even got to see a group of elk! It was like they were playing follow the leader! 

They're a little hard to see but they're back there!
We did finally make it to Asheville and after getting cleaned up we headed to a late dinner at a local place G had found. It was definitely a hole in the wall but the most delicious meal. They have a lot of small plates so after a delicious appetizer of pork dumplings we shared three of the small plates. Our favorite was the beef tenderloin tartare- a dish so delicious I can't even do it justice by describing it but if you are ever in Asheville do yourself a favor and check this place out! 
Image Source
Tuesday was set aside as our Biltmore day. Neither of us had been so we were excited to be tourists and check it out. It is a beautiful house and the grounds are spectacular! They're currently displaying wedding dresses from film in the house which was also a highlight in my opinion- G may have a different view on that though ;)

Everything was so ornate- I loved
that almost every room had a different ceiling 

Walking around the grounds was my favorite part and we were lucky enough that many things in the gardens were blooming. We wandered, sat on the bench to people watch, took pictures and just enjoyed each other's company.
After touring the house and grounds we headed over to the historic Biltmore Village to check out the winery and do some wine tasting. We made friends with the couple next to us and enjoyed samples of all the wines they were offering. I definitely don't have a refined wine tasting palate and find them all to taste very similar but it was fun anyways!

After our wine tasting we were ready to do some more exploring of the local cuisine. We checked out a local brewery where we enjoyed our beer while sitting outside and doing some people watching. Then we headed to a local taco place that to me is the kind of place that might be featured on Diners, Drive ins and Dives. It was another little hole in the wall spot but with the most delicious food. Tacos made with creative and fresh ingredients. We stuffed ourselves with yummy tacos and local beer and enjoyed our date night out in Asheville. 

We finished out our trip on Wednesday deciding to stop at Sierra Nevada brewery on our way home for lunch. Well we ended up spending almost 3 hours there. What a fun place! 

The food was yummy,  beer selection great and the atmosphere was so relaxing. After our lunch we headed out back to walk around and play some corn hole- an absolute favorite of G's. He beat me all three games but it was fun. Now that I'm home I'm left with the idea of unpacking but that can wait. Today is all about catching up and relaxing, soaking up every minute of spring break that  I can! 


  1. What fun!! We love the Biltmore and Asheville. I have an artist friend who works at the Blue Spiral Gallery in Asheville. Did you happen to stroll through it? Enjoy the rest of your Spring break!! (Your G is quite handsome, by the way!)

  2. So very glad G was with us for my celebration. Sounds like great time had in Asheville and know you loved Biltmore--I have been 4 or 5 times and it is special every time. Thank you again for making the weekend so special. enjoy the rest of you spring break and see you soon.
    Love Gma

  3. I'm loving all the photos : ) So glad you had a fun few days away from the classroom. A true spring break.