Thursday, April 20, 2023

Summer Days

Yesterday was such a sweet day at our house. Pure sunshine! It’s not technically summer yet but it sure has felt like it around here the last couple of days and I am loving it! Our little guy loves to be outside so good weather is our best friend. And the last few days have been delightful because it’s been warm (in the 80s!) but it isn’t humid yet like it will be in another month or two. So yesterday we took advantage of the sunny blue skies and warm temps and headed to the zoo with some of our favorite friends. Our littles are only 2.5 weeks apart so it is the most fun to get to do life with them! 

This was JB’s first trip to the zoo so it was fun to see his reaction. He wasn’t totally aware of what was going on and several of the exhibits were completely ignored. But he did have a good view of the giraffes and was positively enamored of the jaguar that was pacing right up against the glass. 

The hit of the day though were the goats! They have a little petting area with goats in it and JB was in heaven! He was so excited to see them and get to touch them. 

After our friends headed home, JB and I hung around a little bit longer to get lunch and kill time because I knew he’d fall asleep in the car so I was wanting to wait until closer to nap time to head out. And that meant we had time to get one of mama’s favorite treats…Dippin’ Dots! We sat in the shade and JB got to cool off with his first taste of this fun sweet delight. He was a HUGE fan! 

After a nap in the car on the way home, we spent even more time outside on the back porch. We soaked up every ounce of sunshine we could yesterday and I couldn’t have been happier. It really got me excited for summer with our little guy. So even though the temps are going to cool off a bit this weekend (boo!!), I’ll be holding onto this sunshiny feeling as long as I can! 

Monday, April 17, 2023

10 Months

I say it every month but it remains true…I literally cannot comprehend how quickly time is going. How do I have a 10 month old? How are we already planning a first birthday party? JB just gets more and more fun as the days go on. I think this stage that we’re in might be one of my most favorite yet! 


Weight and Height: He is just over 22 lbs so still a growing boy! Not sure about height since we haven’t been measured this month but he’s definitely growing! He wears mostly 12 month clothes now, still some of his 9 month things but most of that is a bit too snug now. 

Likes: Everything! He is such a happy little baby. Some of his favorites right now are the roomba- or really all cleaning items (the vacuum, broom, swiffer etc).He also loves to be pulling up and standing on anything and everything, playing with bubbles, reading books (especially touch and feel ones), looking out the window, doing anything outside, eating yogurt melts, people watching, dogs, throwing things and  knocking down every tower mama builds. 

Dislikes: Teething- it is just the worst. But those top two teeth are so so close to breaking through so hopefully he’ll get a little break in a few days. 

Sleeping, Eating and Playing: 

I am pleased to report that we have had several full nights sleep around here. It is still not an every night thing, but lately it is more often than not (at least for the last two weeks or so) which is just delightful. Now he is still an early bird for sure! But getting up at 5:30 or 6 when you’ve slept all night is not nearly as difficult as doing it when you were also up at 2 or 3 am. He no longer eats overnight so I think that was a huge help in getting him to sleep through more often. Typically now when he wakes it seems to be that he either just needs a quick snuggle and his paci then back to sleep or he’s quite distressed due to teething and needs lots of snuggles and rocking before getting back down (sometimes multiple times). But that’s ok, because he won’t want or need those snuggles forever and I know one day I’ll miss the way he curls up so nicely in my arms in the middle of the night. 

He drinks 4 bottles a day plus eats solids typically 3 times a day. He is an absolute champ at eating! He doesn’t necessarily eat large quantities of food but he has tried so many different thing and doesn’t seem the least bit picky so far. Stay tuned for a blog all about his eating adventures. He is usually up for the day around 6 with a nap at around 9/9:30 and an afternoon nap around 2:30. And he’s a great napper! Usually about an hour and half in the morning and another 45 minutes to a hour in the afternoon. In the in between times we fill our days with a lot of playing with toys, reading books and getting out of the house usually at least once a day for something. Sometimes its the grocery store or swim class, lunch with a friend or a trip to the park. We also try and walk around the neighborhood every day that it isn’t raining. He loves to be outside so it’s a great way to fill the later afternoon times that can get long. Especially on the days that dad is traveling and it’s just us. 

Some days are long, some feel monotonous while others feel like a crazy whirlwind full of fun and excitement. Either way, he is my favorite little sidekick and I would not trade these days at home with him for anything. 

Holding my hand at lunch…the sweetest little buddy!

We had our first big trip away from him this past month as well! Mom and dad headed to the Caribbean for a week with some sweet friends and the little man stayed home with his Nana and Pawpaw who were kind enough to come stay at our house for a week. He did great! It was tough to leave and we definitely missed him but some sunshine, vitamin sea and uninterrupted sleep were good for our souls. 

Favorite Moments: I would say watching him learn new things this month has been extra exciting! He shakes his head no, claps with enthusiasm and is pulling to stand and starting to cruise. Every new thing is so fun to watch and this are he seems to be learning something new all the time and its just the best! And of course we can’t forget his first Easter! We had such a great day! There was an Easter basket with lots of fun things for him, a sweet Easter outfit, a lovely church service, yummy lunch and beautiful weather to enjoy as a family. 

I am in denial that in two months he’ll be  a whole year. But I also just can’t wait to see what all he is doing then!