Wednesday, August 2, 2023

One Year

I am obviously extremely behind in getting this one posted…seeing as baby boy is now almost closer to 14 months then 12. Whoops! It has been crazy around here and I keep trying to work on this draft and getting side tracked by other things. But let me just tell you that our first year with this little guy was nothing short of delightful. He is truly the sweetest, most precious little guy and we are just so lucky he’s ours. 


Weight: 23.5 lbs putting him in the 70% for his weight. He is still delightfully round with the sweetest cheeks and solid thighs and I’ll be so sad to start seeing those little baby rolls fade away as he looks more and more like a little boy and less and less like a baby.

Height: 29.5 inches…he grew 10.5 inches this year :) But he is still hanging in the 30% for his height. 

Likes: Walking…he is on the move! And now that he’s figured it out, he is loving his new found freedom with this new mode of transportation. And we are busy as ever chasing him around. He also still loves to be outside- pulling/pushing his lawnmower, playing in the water table, digging in the dirt, swinging, going for a walk, he loves it all. He loves to run at me to give a hug and likes to climb all over everything. He loves to look at books, and play with his toy tool box. He loves to climb the stairs and play with Bo as much as Bo will allow. He likes to play peek-a-boo in his tunnel or with his hands (he puts them over his ears instead of his eyes and I can’t get enough). He loves to say Bo, ball and dada and loves to eat snack especially fruit of any and all kinds. He loves music and will bounce to the beat and as always still loves his nightly bath. 

Dislikes: I honestly can’t think of many because he is just the happiest little guy. I mean he still doesn’t love having his face wiped and every now and then diaper changes lead to a fit but mostly if he’s unhappy it’s because he’s tired, hungry or not feeling well. I have noticed a little bit of frustration as not getting what he wants start to come out so I’m sure we’re entering that phase now that he’s a little more aware of what’s going on around him but he is still usually soothed pretty quickly. 

Eating, Sleeping, Playing:

He is doing better with his early mornings and is usually pretty consistently sleeping till at least 6, often closer to 6:15/6:30 even depending on when he went to bed. That may not sound late but we’ve had a lot of mornings that started before 6 so as long as we make it to 6 I’m pretty happy. He usually goes to bed around 7:30, give or take a little on either side but that is his sweet spot. And he is still napping twice a day, usually around 9:30 and 3ish just depending on our schedule that day. He is a champion napper at this point, and we’re very lucky! I’m hoping he’ll want to move to one nap in the next few months but this is working for now so we’re not messing with it. He eats 3 meals a day plus snacks, has dropped all formula feeds and gets regular milk now. He loves most food and is overall a pretty good eater. He’s been going through some phases of less eating some weeks and more others, wanting to boycott meat for a while then right back to it but all in all he eats well and we’re hoping he keeps it up! Some of his favorites are bananas, clementines, berries, broccoli, sweet potatoes, peas, corn and carrots. Loves the produce! Some of his favorite things to play with right now are his little toy toolbox/shape sorter, his sports balls, stuffed animals like his monkey, reading lots and lots of books, his toy lawnmower and tractor outside and bubbles. 

Favorite Moment of the Month: 

His birthday party of course! I wrote all about his birthday party in a blog post I wrote for Caden Lane, so feel free to check that out here. But we had a farm themed party for him, complete with a petting zoo. He loves animals and was so excited to see all the animals in his yard. And definitely loved the cake. We loved getting to celebrate our guy with so many people that love him and us so well. 

I honestly can’t believe we’re here. We have a toddler! The year was simultaneously the longest, fastest year of my life. I loved every minute, even the ones I wished would hurry up. I feel so lucky to be his mom and while part of me mourns the infant stage that we’re leaving behind. I know I will find even more joy around the corner in this next season.