Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Final Slice

31 Things From March

1. I restarted my blog. 

2. I wrote everyday. 

3. We got wedding pictures! 

4. I'm still sorting through them.

5. I taught 2nd grade. 

6. I finally got a reluctant writer, writing!

7. I made what feels like 1,000 dinners. Why do we have to eat every single day?!

8. I finished two books. Books that I was reading just for me which are the best kind. 

9. I listened to my favorite podcasts. 

10. I made it to the end of Joshua in my bible in a year reading plan. 

11. I facetimed with my sister and nephews and heard precious words from precious boys. 

12. I got a new planner. 

13. I tried a new restaurant with my husband.

14. I cleared out my closet and donated clothes. 

15. I put out Easter decorations. 

16. I bought a new wreath that looks like a bunny. Yes I needed it. 

17. I went back to the gym.

18. I ate a lot of Mexican food. 

19. I baked a cake for a teammate's birthday. 

20. I did 100 loads of laundry. That's probably an exaggeration but it feels right. 

21. I wore green for St. Patrick's day. 

22. I participated in my mom's hodgepodge twice. (missed it today- whoops!)

23. I found new blogs to read and follow. 

24. I walked the dogs. A lot. 

25. I enjoyed several glasses of wine. 

26. I binge watched "90 Day Fiance"

27. I made plans for the future. 

28. I prayed a lot. 

29. I slept not enough. 

30. I enjoyed the spring weather...when it decided to show up. 

31. I got the house ready for my parents to come.  TOMORROW!

I may be coming in under the wire here on the last day but I did it. 31 days in a row of writing. It's been such a fun exercise to write every single day and most of the days I loved it! So I definitely plan to keep up my blog. I've started and stopped it several times over the years but I think having 31 days in a row of blogging helped to make it a habit I can finally keep up with. And thanks to my mom's invite, next month I'll be doing the A-Z blogging challenge

Happy Slicing...until next year!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Wedding: Part 4

Picking up where I left off yesterday...

Following our beautiful ceremony, there were a few more pictures for the bride and groom while cocktail hour began. There were oysters rockefeller, mini cheddar biscuits with duck confit and homemade orange marmalade and the yummiest bourbon molasses glazed meatballs which were the groom's favorite. After our tasting he could hardly stop telling people about them. And you can imagine his disappointment when I informed him, we'd likely be taking pictures while these were served. But never fear, our sweet planners made sure we were taken care of and had a plate full of goodies delivered to us along with one of our signature cocktails!  So we could keep doing this...

The sun was really doing its thing. And while you can't tell in this picture, so was the wind! Whew! I sure was glad to have that mink. Which just so happened to belong my husband's grandmother. 

After pictures wrapped up and we said a few quick hellos, we made our big entrance and headed straight to the dance floor for our first dance. 

We danced to Jake Owen's "Anywhere With You" and it was one of my favorite parts of the day (how many of those am I allowed to have?) 

We both love to dance and honestly think I have more photos of the two of us dancing throughout our relationship than regular photos.  And I think our love for dancing and each other is pretty clear in these pictures. 

After our first dance, my dad said a few words of welcome and made everyone laugh as usual. He also put some tears in a few people's eyes I'm sure when he read a poem written by his dad, my grandpa. Grandpa wrote this poem for my parents on their wedding day over 35 years ago. It was also read at my sister's wedding. And while unfortunately  my grandpa is no longer with us, it was a special piece of him to have with us on the day. Then it was time for our father/daughter and mother/son dances. 

My dad and I danced to a medley of "Golden Slumbers" by the Beatles and "The Man Who Loves You the Most" by Zac Brown. My dad used to sing golden slumbers to me as a baby and while it isn't a traditional wedding dance song, I loved that it got ours started. 

And my husband and his mom danced to "Days Like This" by Van Morrison. After the first dances and some kind words followed by a sweet prayer, we enjoyed a delicious dinner! We opted for a sit-down dinner partly because that was the only choice due to covid, but also because I liked the idea of having a few minutes to sit and eat with some of my people. Our catering was through Table 301 who works with our amazing venue (Avenue, for those local!) and they did a phenomenal job. We chose short ribs and sea bass which were delightful on a chilly January evening.

Then it was time for a champagne toast made by my sweet husband and of course cake cutting!

Our cake cutting was followed by the best hours of dancing! As I said earlier, my husband and I are huge dancers so I don't think we missed a song. 

Also...are my parents cute or what? 

Our band was amazing! I had been set on having a band not a dj and these guys did not disappoint. Music City Rhythm Revue is based out of Nashville but drove over for the event and seriously crushed it! They played so many great songs and you could've fooled me, it wasn't the original band performing each one. Everyone was out on the dance floor all evening and it was exactly what I wanted. 

Before we knew it, it was time for the evening to end and our favorite people sent us off into the night with streamers and cheers and the happiest of feelings. 

And they lived happily ever after. 

All photos in the post are credited to Chris Isham Photography

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Monday, March 29, 2021

Wedding: Part 3

Ok team, we're onto part 3 and I haven't even covered the ceremony. I need to get moving! So buckle up because I'm about to throw some of my favorite photos your way!

My husband and I opted for a "first look" and I am so very glad we did. I know some people like to wait for that first moment to be when you're walking down the aisle, but I loved the slightly more private moment that could be shared between us. I say slightly more private because while there may not have been guests, there was a photographer, photographer assistant, wedding planner and 2 videographers. But nevertheless, it felt much more intimate and gave us the opportunity to steal a few minutes together before all of the excitement began. 

He waited. And I walked.

And his reaction was exactly what I hoped for!

 I want to hold on to the look of relaxed joy on his face in these pictures forever. 

It wasn't a long time that we had together, there were pictures to take and a ceremony to be held and we were on a timetable. But the extra 5 minutes of just him and me were so worth it. 

There were some more photos, of just us, and the bridal party too (stay tuned for more of these) and then it was finally time to walk down the aisle. We held our ceremony in the same building as our reception for ease and logistics because well....covid. So the easier you can make logistics the better. Both of us would have opted for a church ceremony but this ended up being just perfect and as my wedding planner reminded me- God will be in the ceremony know matter where you hold it.  So we set up the beautiful lobby with the coolest chair and my florist made a beautiful display for us. The room was so light and airy with its floor to ceiling windows but a modern backdrop behind us. I loved it! 

I feel like I keep saying that over and over...I loved it! And while the writing teacher in me wants to say, "oh my gosh, say other words!", it's just the truth so my repetition will continue. 

The ceremony was perfect. Both of our parents were there (whew!) and were picture perfect walking down the aisle to light the unity candle. It's a fairly dated tradition I guess you would say, but I love the symbolism of two families becoming one.

Can you tell I take after my mom?

And then it was time. I felt like the moment of walking down the aisle, with my dad, towards my groom was one of the most significant parts of the day for me. It is a moment filled with so much love, anticipation and excitement all wrapped up in one. And the feeling of everything you've waited for over the months (and truthfully years) is happening, right now!

Aren't my planners just the best, making sure everything is just right. 

And for those worried or wondering (and I know you're out there), that because we did a first look maybe the groom's reaction at the ceremony wouldn't be as sweet? 
Wrong. it was still perfect. 

Our minister did such a wonderful job of making the ceremony special and meaningful. He said a few words himself and had even asked Allan and I some questions weeks ahead of the wedding so he could use some of our own words about each other in his homily. There was scripture read by new sister-in-law. 
We exchanged vows...

And rings...

And he kissed his bride!

We joined our two families with the lighting of our unity candle. 

And our minister prayed over us and our marriage.


Then one more kiss! Because we're finally married!

And because we had loved ones that were far away, there was also a moment to say hi and let them know we're so glad they could watch from afar. Y'all, the people that were missing from the day was probably the hardest part of a pandemic wedding, but this made it a little bit better and I'm so glad, my people were able to help me work it out. 

Now time to celebrate! 

Well after a few more pictures that is...

Tune in tomorrow and we will be partying it up at our reception! 

**All photos in this post are credited to Chris Isham Photography **

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Sunday, March 28, 2021

What I'm Celebrating...

Things I'm celebrating this rainy Sunday afternoon...

1. Coffee out of a fun new mug.

2. The opportunity to exercise this morning...even though I didn't really feel like it. 

3. Mexican Food including table side guacamole.

4. Getting everything checked off our to-do list for our upcoming visitors. 

5. Palm Sunday. Today marks the beginning of Holy Week for Christians and that is certainly worth celebrating.

Whatever you're doing today, I hope you're taking time to rest and enjoy the day. 

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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Dads and Daughters

There's something special between dads and their daughters. I know I've spent a lot of time here talking about my mom but dad needed his own post too. I'm the luckiest when it comes to dads. He's always been my biggest fan and supporter. Has always told me I can do and be anything I want. He never makes me feel like he's anything less than proud of me. He always makes me feel loved. And I know no matter what he'll be there for me. 

My car battery died once and luckily I had someone close by that I was able to call to help me out because I did not have jumper cables in my car. And I remember, they asked me what I would have done if they couldn't have come and I said, without a second thought, I would have called my dad. It should be noted that my dad was living an hours drive from me at the time and my friend was clearly confused but I added, it wouldn't matter that he's an hour away or if he was doing something. If I called and said I needed help, he would find a way to help me. And that is my dad. He loves his girls with everything he has. 

So on the wedding day, we knew seeing me in my dress for the first time was a moment that needed to be captured. My sister had done something similar and all of us bridesmaids had pressed our noses to the windows to catch a glimpse of the precious moment. So I wanted that same moment with him. 

And it was just as sweet and special as I had imagined it would be. 

And in that moment, 

I was reminded just how amazing my dad is. How much he loves me. How special he thinks I am. 

I have an unwavering understanding that he is proud of the woman I've grown into. Proud of the choices I've made, including the man I married.

And even though, I'm not so little anymore, and a grown-up daughter is a bit different than a little one, he is still all the things I count on him to be. He is still the dad that would carry me in from the car after I fell asleep. The dad who taught me all the best music and dance moves to go with them. Seriously, I can sing all the words to all the classics. The dad who taught me to be brave, even when I didn't feel like it. 

The dad who took our family on our greatest adventures. Who led us into unknown things, and assured us it was going to be amazing. And it was. 

He's still the dad I can call at anytime, and I know he will always answer the phone no matter what. He's the dad I can rely on for help, support, encouragement and love every day of the week.

Some people may think my dad missed out on something because he has two girls and no boys. But the thing I know to be true is that my dad was absolutely 100% made to be a girl dad. He is the absolutely best at it. There is something special about dads and their daughters. It can't always be put into words, but it's there between them forever. 

I love you dad! HSK

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Friday, March 26, 2021

Five on Friday

 Five things that are on my mind today...

1. The power went out at school today. Yep. From 1:15 onwards we were in the dark. Ok well not the pitch black dark, but still the kind of dark that threw all the kids into a tizzy and made it hard to see what they were writing. And the kind of power outage that also took out the internet which adds a whole new layer to the teaching in 2021 thing we're doing. 

2. It is WINDY today! To take a break from learning in the dark we went out for our afternoon recess and oh my gracious there is some wind today. The leaves were flying, my hair was out of control, the trash can fell over. Friday afternoons man- they're crazy. 

3, I got a new planner today (insert heart eyes emoji). I love a new planner. 

There is something so delightfully refreshing about blank pages ready for plans and dreams and to-dos. 

4. It's the weekend! This week felt long. Each day I found myself feeling like we should be further along than we were. So now I'm going to relish in 2 wonderful weekend days with my husband. No we don't have big plans...unless you count cleaning the house and getting it ready for my parents big plans. But we'll have yummy food, relax together, hopefully enjoy good weather on the porch and just enjoy being together. 

5. You didn't think I was going to leave you without a wedding picture did you? 

Photo: Chris Isham Photography 

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