Wednesday, May 31, 2023

11 Months

We are only ONE month away from a first birthday here! I cannot believe it and need time to slow down immediately. Except I also just love every new stage and this little guy is just my absolute favorite. The last month has been so fun! He is moving all over, babbling up a storm and so interested in everything. We get to do all kinds of fun things together and I feel like he is finally at an age where he really enjoys it because he’s so much more aware of what all is going on. 

Weight:22 lbs 7 oz ish…

We haven’t been to the doctor since about 9.5 months when we went in for an ear check so this is based on my own measurements at home. He is in 12 or 18 month clothes just kind of depending on the outfit. The 12 month stuff is all pretty snug but we are still rocking it! He’s not super tall so pants/shorts are tricky because bigger sizes are too long but the smaller sizes can be a bit tight so we just roll with it and do a little of both. I have been so fortunate to have a bunch of hand me down items from my sister’s two boys and a sweet friend, and it’s so fun to see him in the same outfits that I loved on all of them! And it helps my pocketbook too :) 

I mean what doesn’t he like? He is such a happy little guy and always so excited about all the things! He loves playing with his toys, reading books together, playing in his water table, watching out the window, cruising around the house with his push wago, throwing balls (or anything really), swinging on the porch, the vacuum cleaner, watching daddy mow the gras, dogs and birds and any other animal he can spot, opening cabinets and drawers and climbing on anything he can manage to get to! 

Being away from mama, not being allowed to do something he wants (ex. Pulling the corner protectors off the furniture) and having his diaper changed. The list is short and overall he is just the happiest little man- if he does get upset he can usually be consoled pretty quick by being picked up, eating a cheerio or going outside. 

Eating, Sleeping and Playing: 

Our day most days starts somewhere around 6:30 with naps at 9:30 and 2:30/3. He’s being going to bed sometime between 7:30 and 8. For the most part he is sleeping through the night which has been great! Although things are still a bit inconsistent with some random 5:30am wake ups or a middle of the night snuggle sesh. He’s a champion napper for the most part, sleeping for  about 2.5-3 hours during the day (split over his two naps). 

He is still getting 4 bottles with formula but we’ll be making the switch to regular milk right around his first birthday and cutting back a bit on the bottles. He eats 3 meals a day although the amount he actually consumes still varies a lot. Some meals he eats most of what I give him and other meals, it’s a few bites in the mouth and the rest is just for playing. But he’s growing great so we’re happy! Some of his favorites recently were the pork chops we had for dinner the other night, tomatoes, all the fruit and green beans. And cheerios…he loves cheerios! 

In between the sleeping and eating we try to do as much playing as possible! Usually in the mornings, we play with toys, go out to swing on the porch and then we go play upstairs (well he plays and this is when I exercise), then we usually play with some toys in his room before going down for nap. After his nap we usually go out for whatever our outing is that day (errands, swim class, lunch, the park etc) and then when we come home we like to play outside if it’s nice just hanging out in the backyard, playing in the water table, more swinging etc. There’s usually some time for books and indoor toys before nap time too. 

After his afternoon nap we almost always go for a walk unless it’s raining. I love our daily walks together and sometimes daddy gets home early enough to join us! Then it’s playing by mama’s feet while I make dinner- usually in the cabinets with the Tupperware or rolling his ball around the kitchen. After dinner there is often a little more outside time or some books and playing with daddy inside before we head up for bath and bed. 

I try to keep our days “busy” and he likes to go out and about with me and also loves to “help” out around the house. So sometimes playing looks like him holding the swiffer while I sweep the kitchen or him helping me fold the laundry or chasing around the roomba. We spend a lot of time together, sometimes being busy and sometimes doing the same things we’ve done a million times- it’s so much fun and exhausting and wonderful and sometimes monotonous and yet always new at the same time. It’s the best/hardest job I’ve ever had! 

Best Moment of the Month:
We had a fun month! We went to the zoo for the first time, visited cousins and he’s been walking with his push wagon which has been so fun to watch! He also has started high diving which is adorable, makes the cutest face to sniff something, and has 6 teeth!! It’s hard to choose a favorite but all of those are up there (except the teeth-I’m glad they’re there but getting them is the worst)!  

Now the countdown is on to the big NUMBER ONE! I can’t believe it and part of me thinks I’ll want to be a weepy mess about my baby being so big but I just know I won’t have time to be even a little sad because we have the sweetest day planned for him and he’s just going to be having so much fun that I know all I’ll be able to do is smile right along with him! 

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Summer Days

Yesterday was such a sweet day at our house. Pure sunshine! It’s not technically summer yet but it sure has felt like it around here the last couple of days and I am loving it! Our little guy loves to be outside so good weather is our best friend. And the last few days have been delightful because it’s been warm (in the 80s!) but it isn’t humid yet like it will be in another month or two. So yesterday we took advantage of the sunny blue skies and warm temps and headed to the zoo with some of our favorite friends. Our littles are only 2.5 weeks apart so it is the most fun to get to do life with them! 

This was JB’s first trip to the zoo so it was fun to see his reaction. He wasn’t totally aware of what was going on and several of the exhibits were completely ignored. But he did have a good view of the giraffes and was positively enamored of the jaguar that was pacing right up against the glass. 

The hit of the day though were the goats! They have a little petting area with goats in it and JB was in heaven! He was so excited to see them and get to touch them. 

After our friends headed home, JB and I hung around a little bit longer to get lunch and kill time because I knew he’d fall asleep in the car so I was wanting to wait until closer to nap time to head out. And that meant we had time to get one of mama’s favorite treats…Dippin’ Dots! We sat in the shade and JB got to cool off with his first taste of this fun sweet delight. He was a HUGE fan! 

After a nap in the car on the way home, we spent even more time outside on the back porch. We soaked up every ounce of sunshine we could yesterday and I couldn’t have been happier. It really got me excited for summer with our little guy. So even though the temps are going to cool off a bit this weekend (boo!!), I’ll be holding onto this sunshiny feeling as long as I can! 

Monday, April 17, 2023

10 Months

I say it every month but it remains true…I literally cannot comprehend how quickly time is going. How do I have a 10 month old? How are we already planning a first birthday party? JB just gets more and more fun as the days go on. I think this stage that we’re in might be one of my most favorite yet! 


Weight and Height: He is just over 22 lbs so still a growing boy! Not sure about height since we haven’t been measured this month but he’s definitely growing! He wears mostly 12 month clothes now, still some of his 9 month things but most of that is a bit too snug now. 

Likes: Everything! He is such a happy little baby. Some of his favorites right now are the roomba- or really all cleaning items (the vacuum, broom, swiffer etc).He also loves to be pulling up and standing on anything and everything, playing with bubbles, reading books (especially touch and feel ones), looking out the window, doing anything outside, eating yogurt melts, people watching, dogs, throwing things and  knocking down every tower mama builds. 

Dislikes: Teething- it is just the worst. But those top two teeth are so so close to breaking through so hopefully he’ll get a little break in a few days. 

Sleeping, Eating and Playing: 

I am pleased to report that we have had several full nights sleep around here. It is still not an every night thing, but lately it is more often than not (at least for the last two weeks or so) which is just delightful. Now he is still an early bird for sure! But getting up at 5:30 or 6 when you’ve slept all night is not nearly as difficult as doing it when you were also up at 2 or 3 am. He no longer eats overnight so I think that was a huge help in getting him to sleep through more often. Typically now when he wakes it seems to be that he either just needs a quick snuggle and his paci then back to sleep or he’s quite distressed due to teething and needs lots of snuggles and rocking before getting back down (sometimes multiple times). But that’s ok, because he won’t want or need those snuggles forever and I know one day I’ll miss the way he curls up so nicely in my arms in the middle of the night. 

He drinks 4 bottles a day plus eats solids typically 3 times a day. He is an absolute champ at eating! He doesn’t necessarily eat large quantities of food but he has tried so many different thing and doesn’t seem the least bit picky so far. Stay tuned for a blog all about his eating adventures. He is usually up for the day around 6 with a nap at around 9/9:30 and an afternoon nap around 2:30. And he’s a great napper! Usually about an hour and half in the morning and another 45 minutes to a hour in the afternoon. In the in between times we fill our days with a lot of playing with toys, reading books and getting out of the house usually at least once a day for something. Sometimes its the grocery store or swim class, lunch with a friend or a trip to the park. We also try and walk around the neighborhood every day that it isn’t raining. He loves to be outside so it’s a great way to fill the later afternoon times that can get long. Especially on the days that dad is traveling and it’s just us. 

Some days are long, some feel monotonous while others feel like a crazy whirlwind full of fun and excitement. Either way, he is my favorite little sidekick and I would not trade these days at home with him for anything. 

Holding my hand at lunch…the sweetest little buddy!

We had our first big trip away from him this past month as well! Mom and dad headed to the Caribbean for a week with some sweet friends and the little man stayed home with his Nana and Pawpaw who were kind enough to come stay at our house for a week. He did great! It was tough to leave and we definitely missed him but some sunshine, vitamin sea and uninterrupted sleep were good for our souls. 

Favorite Moments: I would say watching him learn new things this month has been extra exciting! He shakes his head no, claps with enthusiasm and is pulling to stand and starting to cruise. Every new thing is so fun to watch and this are he seems to be learning something new all the time and its just the best! And of course we can’t forget his first Easter! We had such a great day! There was an Easter basket with lots of fun things for him, a sweet Easter outfit, a lovely church service, yummy lunch and beautiful weather to enjoy as a family. 

I am in denial that in two months he’ll be  a whole year. But I also just can’t wait to see what all he is doing then! 

Monday, March 20, 2023

Months 8 and 9

The last two months have been jam packed and therefore his 8 month post got away from me. So we’re combining these months and I’ll try to get all caught up. 

Weight: 20 lbs 12 oz- he is 70th percentile for weight and we love each chunky little ounce of him. I know as he starts moving now some of those rolls will start to fade and I will be so sad to see them go!
Height: 27.7 inches putting him in the 25th percentile for height.

We didn’t go to the doctor at 8 months so I didn’t have stats to share then. All of his stats are from his 9 month appointment this week. What I do know for sure is that people still comment on how solid our little guy is. He continues to be positively squishy and delightfully adorable! 

What have we been up to? 
Since this post is a bit delayed and we have a lot to catch up on, let me just fill you in on all of the fun we’ve had these last 2 months. 

We celebrated his first Valentine’s Day

Started swim class 
The first couple classes were not his favorite.
But the back float is his favorite and now he’s the star of the class!
Visited the aquarium for the first time 

Got a backyard swing 

Started crawling 
Enjoyed the early warm weather 

Got an ear infection (and visited the ER)
Saw the cousins (and did a terrible job taking pictures but they were all there I promise)

Celebrated St Patrick’s Day (ok this one technically happened the day after he turned 9 months but I’m including it anyway)

Likes: people watching, hanging on a blanket in the backyard, going for walks, bubbles, playing with the dog toys and trying to get his water and food, bath time (still!), seeing his friends from church, the back float at swimming, daddy coming home from work, anything Bo does, puffs and yogurt melts, trying new foods, “talking”, throwing toys on the floor 

Dislikes: having his face cleaned after meals, having his nose wiped ever, being told he can’t have Bo’s food and water, ear infections 

Eating, sleeping and playing: 
Well in the last month we weaned from breastfeeding so that’s been a big change. It’s bittersweet but he’s done great! He has 4 bottles a day and sometimes one overnight too but I’m hoping we can get back to sleeping through the night soon. He takes two naps a day both of which are usually a pretty good length which is nice. He usually is up between 6-6:30 for the day and goes to bed by 7:30. We aim for eating solids 3 times a day too but that doesn’t always happen. Some of his favorite foods right now are peas, mandarin oranges (the kind in the little cups), chicken and pasta. But he really loves his snacks-puffs, yogurt melts and applesauce pouches. Playtime is spent with all the many toys, crawling all around the house and getting outside as much as possible. He loves to hang outside in the yard on a blanket or go for a walk. We put a little swing up in the backyard and while he’s still a little small for it, he does enjoy it! It will be fun when he’s a bit bigger for sure. We also try to get out and about at least once a day, we do the store, swim lessons, bible study, play dates, the library etc.

Best moment this month: We had a great time taking him to the aquarium at the end of February. He seemed to really enjoy getting to see the water, and watching the big exhibits. Plus he loves people watching and there was plenty of that to be had. It’s fun for us getting to do new things with him and see his reaction to everything!

He has officially been here with us as long (well a little longer actually) as he was in my belly. I took this photo as a 9 months in vs 9 months out comparison and it is just wild to me. I, actually closer to 8 months in this photo but it was the closest I had to 9 months. And now there is a little person here, with his own personality who lights up our world every day. Gosh we just love being his parents! 

Friday, January 20, 2023

Month 7

 Our little man is officially 7 months old! The months seem to be flying by and I can’t believe that somehow we are actually closer to him being one than we are to him being brand new. It’s just wild! 

7 Month Stats

Weight: 20 lbs according to my home scale. A sweet and solid little guy. 

Height: No height this month because I haven’t managed to wrangle him to measure him at home. 


He loves to eat! He has been thoroughly enjoying trying all kinds of new foods and is always a pretty happy camper at meal time. He loves his little stacking “donuts”. He got them for Christmas and they’ve become a favorite for sure. He loves to chew on his teethers, or his toys, or anything he can get in his mouth. He loves when daddy comes home from work in the evenings. He likes to hold his toys in the bath tub and loves to squeal and shriek and make all kinds of noise. He likes to be tickled and making silly faces. He loves the wind in his face and watching Bo play with his toys. He likes to snuggle after nap time. He still loves Goodnight moon but is also starting to enjoy some other books too. 


Having his face wiped. Not a fan at all. I put that in his 6 month post as well, but he continues to be unhappy with our desire to help him have a clean face. But if you sing and make noise and act like it’s a game he will usually be tricked into letting you get a quick wipe in. Other than that he’s a pretty happy man as long as he’s fed and not getting too sleepy. He’ll fuss if he starts to get bored but is pretty quickly calmed with a change of scenery or a different toy to play with. 

Sleeping, Eating and Playing:

His sleep schedule is pretty much the same from 6 months. He’s still taking three naps. Usually the first one is his longer nap. Then the middle nap is a mystery- it could be an hour, and hour 15, 45, 40- who knows! And then the last nap is always a cat nap just to help him get to bedtime so it’s usually only about 30 minutes. He’s usually up for the day around 6 and then spends about 2.5-3 hours awake in between each nap. I love having a slightly more predictable schedule these days because even though it’s not exactly the same each day, I’m able to plan a little better based on how things usually go. 

He is still nursing about every 3ish hours, sometimes 4. And we’re adding in more and more solid food which has been fun (and a little overwhelming too!). He will usually eat breakfast about an hour after his morning milk and he eats his dinner when we eat dinner, usually eating some version of what we eat. Sometimes he eats lunch as well or a little snack in the middle but that’s not as consistent yet and kind of depends on our day. He loves to try new foods and I am trying to introduce him to as many things as possible. I try and pick up a few new things for him to try whenever I get groceries for the week. This week we’re trying spaghetti squash and mango for the first time! He’s been a champ and up for all kinds of things! A new favorite of his is salmon. 

Since we have around 3 hours of awake time between naps there is plenty of playtime! We spend plenty of time on the floor on his playmats Paying on his belly, on his back and sitting up. He plays with all of his new toys he got for Christmas and loves them all! We read books and try to take a walk when it’s nice out. Mealtime always takes up some of our awake time and he usually hangs out in his activity center while I get it ready or cleaned up. We take rides in his little wagon and sit on the porch when it’s not too cold. He helps me do chores around the house (well he joins me while I do them). We try to get out once a day too. Sometimes it’s to see a friend, other times it just for an errand but it’s always good to get a change of scenery and be out and about. He’s the best little buddy to hang out with each day! 

Favorite Moments: 

Christmas! I mean how could his first Christmas not be a top moment? It was magical and sweet and something I’ll cherish. I wrote all about it here if you want to read more. 

What I’m Looking Forward To: I’m excited for a lot of the milestones we’re getting close to like crawling (he’s trying so hard on this one), learning some of the baby sign language I’ve been teaching him, first words. It’s so fun to see what new thing he’ll do! 

Saturday, January 14, 2023

2 Years

Our anniversary is coming up on Monday and it’s had me thinking about how different things are just 2 years later. And thinking about where we were and what we doing this time 2 years ago. 

It’s 2021 and there are only a few days until our wedding. I’ve finished sub plans for the school days I’ll be missing. We’ve been trying to get packed for the long weekend, not wanting to forget a thing. This involves a lot of me wandering around the house talking to myself. 

“Is my rehearsal dinner dress here? Or did I leave that at mom’s?” 
“Did I end up ordering the cake topper from Etsy?”
“Where did I stash my wedding shoes?” 
“Let me go get our marriage license out before I forget”

I’m doing my best to make sure Allan remembers all the pieces to his tux, especially socks, don’t forget socks. And the groomsmen gifts, and the wedding rings, and the information for the hotel and let’s not forget about the dogs! Loading up the car to make the trek from PA to SC. 

The months, weeks, days and moments leading up to a wedding are so full of fluttering chaos. The type of busy where you just flit from one thing to the next, giving a little bit of time here, a little focus there hoping that everything will turn out just right. 

But those days are also filled with the most beautiful kinds of anticipation and joy. The kind that rises up inside you till you’re about to burst. The kind that radiates in a glow on your face, through the giant smiles that seem plastered on in their permanence when talking about your fiancĂ©. The kind of anticipation that brings butterflies to your stomach in the best sort of way. Feelings that you want to hold onto forever. 

And I think your wedding day is there to do just that. To anchor you and your husband to that joy. As we move through life and through the early years of marriage, we realize that our anniversary is just a day. An important day for sure. But it’s just a day. Our wedding is only one snapshot in the bigger picture of our marriage. And while it’s significant as the starting point of our forever, I’d like to go back and tell myself that it won’t be the peak of the anticipation, butterflies, smiles or the glow. That the coming days, while they may be less glamorous, will be full of these types of moments. 

The smile that radiates with pride when hearing about an accomplishment at work. 
The growing anticipation of a positive pregnancy test. 
The abundant glow that radiates for days as we share the news of our growing family. 
The flit and fluttering as we check off to dos on our moving list. 
The joy at an ultrasound.
The sweet smiles shared over coffee and the news on a Sunday morning in a new home.
The familiar comfort of your favorite person next to you on the couch watching jeopardy. 
The overwhelm at holding our son in our arms. 
The reassuring word while we figure out the parenting thing. 
A kiss on the way out the door.
A phone call from the road when he’s traveling. 
Date night in our own kitchen while the baby sleeps. 

It’s those same feelings from our wedding day, just reshaped to meet us in our everyday life. But always reminding us of the commitment we made, the love we share and the promises we’re keeping. I couldn’t have predicted what our life would like today when we said “I do” 2 years ago. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Cheers to 2 years with my best friend, and forever more to go! 

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Christmas Magic

Christmas with a little one is extra special and we jam packed as much of it into our season as we could. We had plans to travel for the week of Christmas and so we decided before leaving that we’d do our own little family Christmas at home just the three of us. No need to lug all the bigger gifts with us and it also gave us a time to enjoy the holiday season as our own little family outside of the craziness. 

We stuffed James’ stocking and he wore Christmas jammies to bed and we brought him downstairs in the light of the Christmas tree to see what Santa and mommy and daddy had brought him. He also got to open some family gifts and hubby and I opened our gifts from one another as well. Our main gift to little man was this super sweet radio flyer push wagon. Eventually he’ll be using it as he learns to walk and as he gets older to cart around his favorite things but for now we’ll pull him around in it while he laughs and adorably holds onto the sides. 

He was of course a big fan of all the wrapping and mostly wanted to play with the paper and bows. So we enjoyed a slow and sweet “Christmas” morning watching him crinkle paper and chew on his new toys and loved every minute! 

The next stop on our Christmas tour was my in-laws. We headed there mid week before Christmas to spend a few days. There were more gifts, more wrapping to crinkle, old friends to visit and an aunt and uncle to finally meet!  Hubby’s parents had also refinished his rocking horse from his own childhood for JB and that was a special present. He enjoyed it for a few brief moments before the tears started but we know it will be well loved as he gets older. 

The final stop was my parents’ house where we spent a few days with them as well as my sister’s family. This included plenty of cousin time! We got to finally meet the newest member of the family who is the sweetest little thing and I am so excited for JB to have a. Cousin so close in age to grow up with. He also thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend time with his older cousins who he finds positively hilarious and the best entertainment. 

I took exactly one picture of JB on Christmas morning…mom fail. But I was too busy enjoying the morning, and keeping him from eating the wrapping paper. 

It was extra special to have my nephews there because Christmas is more fun with little ones who believe in all the magic. My mom did snap this photo of my sister and I with our kiddos on Christmas Eve in their matching jammies and it makes my heart so happy! 

This year will always be one of the sweetest Christmases for us and I’m glad we were able to stretch it out and make it last!