Wednesday, May 22, 2024

3 Months With Our Little Sunshine

Our newest little lady is 3 months old! Well 3 and 1/2 by the time you’re reading this because once again blogging has taken a back burner to all the other life things. But hey…2 weeks late isn’t too bad. So let’s get to it! What have we been up to these last few weeks?

Stats…I have no stats for Riley at this point. I haven’t been back to the dr with her to get her weight or height. But I am confident she is growing like a weed! Every time anyone sees her they comment how much she’s grown and she is outgrowing even some of her 3 month clothes. Which is of course exciting but also sad when I realize how fast she’s growing. 

Likes: What doesn’t this girl like? I mean seriously, she is just the world’s happiest baby! She smiles all the time and it is just the best. Some her favorite things are when anyone and everyone smiles or makes faces at her, watching her brother do pretty much anything, her playmat, toys that make noise, chewing on her hands, her paci, music, being upright to look around, her bouncer and snuggling. 

She is seriously THIS happy! 

Dislikes: Truly not much. She doesn’t like to have a wet diaper, she doesn’t like to be hungry and she doesn’t like to get over tired. I mentioned she didn’t love tummy time in the last post but she’s really coming around. She’ll tolerate it much longer now before she starts fussing to be moved. And now she can even get out of it herself sometimes as she’s figured out how to roll from her belly to her back. A fun milestone! She also does a lot of scooting around with all of her kicking. I often put her on her mat facing one way and before long she’ll have kicked and scooted herself in a complete 180. 

Eating, Sleeping and Playing: She’s still doing great with eating and sleeping! She is eating anywhere from every 2-3 hours but is definitely starting to lean towards the 3 hour mark for a lot of the day which is great. By late afternoon until bedtime she tends to eat closer together but I don’t mind if it means she’ll sleep well at night. Which speaking of sleeping well at night, she’s doing great! She usually goes down around 7:45 these days and while she isn’t sleeping through the night as consistently as she was, she is typically only waking up one time in the early morning so usually around 4-4:30. Then she will go back down until anywhere from 6:30-8. She does sleep all the way through still sometimes and those nights are extra sweet for mama. We’re pretty much out of the swaddle (which I think contributed to the small backslide in sleep). So she sometimes sleeps in a sleep sack but I often will put her in the swaddle but keep her arms out and only wrap her middle. But now that she’s rolling, we’ll be sticking with the sleep sacks from now on. 

This angel baby fell asleep on her playmat…didn’t I tell you she was the sweetest/easiest baby?

As far as naps she mostly takes about 4 naps a day, with still some days doing 5 if she needs it or if she took mostly small naps. Usually one nap is a longer nap of about 1.5-2 hours and the other naps are shorter, only about 45 minutes. But I’m thankful for how smooth it is overall! With her wake times she is usually up for about an hour and a half in between naps, sometimes 2 hours. During those wake times she eats, and then plays until she gets tired again- just tagging along with whatever JB and I are doing or playing on her mat, or just snuggling with mama. This month she is definitely more interested in her small toys than she had been. She’ll hold her rattles, and look at them or chew them which is a fun new development!

Firsts: First time to the aquarium this month! As well as her first trip to Costco (an obvious milestone)! I’m putting her first roll over here (although that may have happened a couple days after she turned 3 months, it happened before I wrote this post so I’m counting it!). 

Favorite Moments: I have several favorites from this month but I think my sis and her kiddos getting to meet Riley was my favorite. It is always special to be with my sister but this stage of life being in motherhood together is so sweet. So having all of our babies together was a great moment! I also have loved watching Riley learn new things like laughing, the rolling and being able to reach and grab things better. It is just amazing to watch their little brains grow so much! 

I can’ wait to see what month 4 has four us! *We’re technically already 2 weeks in and so far it’s great!* We love her so much! 

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Baby Riley- Months 1 and 2

Months 1 and 2 really got away from me. And honestly month 3 is too! Since I’m writing this month1 and 2 update only 6 days before she turns 3 months (yikes!). Two under two keeps me busy and finding time (or energy when there is time)i s a challenge. But I love that I have these little updates for JB and so I want to have that for Riley as well. So here we go…

Current Stats:
As of her 2 month appointment she was 11lbs 13 oz and 23 inches. So she’s growing! 

Likes: She loves people! She loves to look at people and loves it when people make faces at her or just give her a big smile. She’ll smile right back and she has the absolute best smile! She likes to stretch out and lay down so she can kick her legs. She enjoys being outside in the backyard and going for walks. She loves to watch her brother. She likes her bouncer and is pretty happy in the bath too! She likes to listen to good country music with her daddy and luckily for us also seems to enjoy sleeping. 

Dislikes: Honestly as long as she is fed, clean/dry and not too tired she is a happy baby. So she doesn’t love being hungry, sleepy or having a wet/dirty diaper but who can blame her? Otherwise there aren’t too many things I’ve noticed as true dislikes. Unless you count turning her head to the right! She has some torticollis, which is just some extra tight neck muscles that make it hard for them to turn one way or the other. It is typically due to womb positioning and often works itself out but some babes do need some PT and we’ve started that so hopefully that will help her work out the kinks she’s dealing with. She also doesn’t necessarily love tummy time- I wouldn’t say she hates it but it’s not her favorite. She dealt with reflux quite a bit for the first couple weeks and that made tummy time hard for her- now that we’ve got that sorted she does better with it. 

Eating, Sleeping, Playing: She is still eating pretty frequently, about every 2 hours during the day but that is starting to space out to closer to 3 hours which is great. She has done great with eating and we’ve had a great nursing journey so far. We did have the reflux to sort out initially and she did have a cows milk protein intolerance that had me stop dairy (for now) but otherwise it’s been pretty smooth sailing for which I am so grateful. I know breastfeeding can be so challenging for some and so I’m extra thankful for the smooth process it’s been for us. 

Overnight she is doing big long stretches which is just fabulous. I honestly don’t even like to say it out loud because I don’t want to jinx myself and because I know it cold change any time but she often sleeps through the night. If she doesn’t sleep through, she’ll have one early morning wake up usually around 3:30-5:00 before going back to sleep till anywhere from 6:30-8. She goes down for the night around 8 so this has been amazing and we hope she keeps it up! She is still in her bassinet and seems to be happy there. We’re currently in the process of transitioning her out of her swaddle which is going well- we’re doing one arm out at the moment and we’ll move to both arms out in a couple days before switching to a sleep sack. As far as naps that’s a bit more loosey goosey for her. I think she is doing about 5 naps per day still but honestly I don’t track her sleep the way I did JB. She tends to take shorter naps, so she does need more naps but I know that at some point she’ll start to lengthen them so I try not to stress. She naps wherever works at that moment. Sometimes its her bassinet, sometimes the pack n play in our living room ,sometimes its in the car on the go or in the carrier while we’re doing things around the house. She goes with the flow and we’re thankful for her flexibility. 

She typically stays awake about an hour and a half after a nap before going back down give or take a little bit. She’s always ready for that first nap sooner and she definitely needs her pre bedtime nap usually around 5:30 or 6 (it’s always just a short little catnap to tide her over till bedtime). Otherwise we’re not on a set nap schedule yet and that’s working fine. During her awake time, she tags along with whatever brother is doing. So she’ll hang on her mat while he’s playing with toys or be outside with us, or we go for walks or she helps me do chores (while in the carrier)- she’s along for the ride, whatever it is! She’s not super interested in her baby toys yet but does like her play mat! 

Favorite Moments: Well since I’m covering 2 whole months there are many to choose from…she’s gotten to meet all of her great grandparents which is always special. But I think my most favorite is her starting to smile…which happened several weeks ago and yet it still continues to thrill me every time I see it. She’s starting to chuckle too so I know that good baby belly laugh is just around the corner and I can’t wait! My other favorite moment is JB meeting her for the first time, that was a precious time that I hope I never forget. He continues to enjoy her, and for that we are grateful! He’s adjusted so well and we hope they grow up to be best buds. Oh and family photos would be another favorite. We had these done at I think 11 days old and they will be treasured for sure!

The move from one to two has definitely been a whirlwind but I am loving every minute!