Thursday, May 26, 2022

Missing Tomatoes

I have been craving a caprese salad. Which is unfortunate since tomatoes don't tend to agree with my reflux but I decided the other day that I didn't care and I would just go ahead and make one for dinner with an extra side of Tums. I went to the grocery store Monday to get some things for the week including the ingredients for my much anticipated caprese salad. Can you see where this is going?

I get out of the store and home with no trouble, despite the fact that it was pouring down rain the entire time, which I hate when you're trying to load groceries. When I came home I put everything away and eagerly anticipated dinner time. Hubby got home and we decided on an early dinner and I let him know we'd be having chicken, cabbage and a caprese salad. He raised his eyebrows at the idea of me eating tomatoes but was on board since I was clearly excited. 

Except when I went to go actually make the salad I could not find the tomatoes. I knew I had bought them- I bought a small bunch of vine ripe tomatoes, put them in a bag, weighed them on the scale the whole thing. So I start to assume that my pregnancy brain has gotten the best of me and I've probably put them in the freezer or a cabinet or something. Hubby helps me look, checks my car and they are nowhere to be found. I also then realize I don't see the basil that I bought, there's a missing cucumber and some missing cherry tomatoes as well. 

It is at this point that we both agree the most likely scenario is I left the whole bag of these items sitting in the self checkout lane I used at Publix. I cannot tell you the immense disappointment that was felt upon learning that the only ingredient I had for my salad was the mozzeralla. Which in case you're wondering does not actually make a caprese salad. Hubby was so sweet and offered to go get me a tomato but the rest of dinner was almost ready so I resigned myself to no caprese for the evening. 

But today! I'm going back to the store and will be able to get what I need to finally satisfy this particular craving. If I can just manage to get all my bags from the store to my home this time. 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Week 36- Almost There!

Oh boy, we are really on the homestretch now. In theory, this could be my last update before baby boy arrives! We are a mere 4 weeks out from the due date and I'm feeling great, though very, very pregnant. This week baby boy is the size of 2 plates of beignets. Apparently he has outgrown single french pastries and we have to start doubling up. If produce is more your style he could also be compared to a large papaya or bunch of kale. But I'm partial to the beignets. 

That's right, still rocking the non maternity shirt at 36 weeks! 

In the most recent measurement we have for him, which is from 34 weeks, he was weighing in around 5 1/2 lbs. Obviously we know that these measurements can definitely be off but if you're looking to make a guess about how big he may be when born it's a good start. At our most recent baby shower we had people make guesses so I'm curious who will be right! My current guess is that he'll be around 8lbs. Hubby was 7lb 6oz and I was 8lb 6oz so I'm thinking maybe baby boy will be right in the middle. 

Symptoms: I continue to be a very fortunate pregnant woman with minimal symptoms. I do continue my battle with acid reflux but I've got it decently well managed with a variety of remedies that I just have to mix up day to day. I do still try to watch what I'm eating to avoid flare ups but I have not kept sugar out of my diet altogether. It's too delicious. And like most pregnant women, as I creep closer to my due date, doing much of anything is an extra challenge so I do move a bit slower with a more penguin like waddle. And I seriously debate if I actually need something that has been dropped on the floor before attempting to pick it up. But I still have a pretty good amount of energy and minimal aches/pains at this point so I am pretty happy. 

Highlight of Weeks 33-36: We had our last baby shower this past weekend and it was so lovely. My mom, sister and one of my aunts hosted it and did such a wonderful job. It was Peter Rabbit themed, which was special since that was actually the theme of my nursery when I was a baby. 

They had so many cute touches for the decorations and food and put together a really sweet afternoon for me. 

It was great to see some friends that I hadn't seen in far too long as well as so many of my family members that were able to attend. Baby boy and I felt so loved! 

What I'm Looking Forward to in Weeks 37-40: Well this one was easy this month. I'm looking forward to hopefully meeting baby boy finally! While I know that it may not actually happen in that time frame, I feel good speaking that into the world. I feel confident, based on the size of my belly that he will be running out of room in these next couple weeks and will be ready to head out and meet us. 

And! We finally have a name for our little guy! We have been going back and forth for months about what to call our baby boy and have finally decided on one. People often asked me if we disagreed on names and really we didn't. We just had a small list of several we liked and neither of us could decide which of them we liked the best. But yesterday we finally nailed it down...we think. I can't fully guarantee it won't change- so I won't be announcing it just yet but it's so exciting to be able to call him by name finally. 

Final Month's Agenda: We have just a few things left on our to-do list before little man arrives. So in the next couple weeks we will be:

- finishing the final touches in the nursery 

- making a few freezer meals to have once baby is here 

- some house cleaning 

- spending some quality time just the two of us before we become three!

Wednesday, May 4, 2022


 Have you watched "The Home Edit" on Netflix? In case you missed it, it is a show about professional organizers who own the company "The Home Edit" where they will come in and help you edit and organize different spaces in your home. They also have books to help you do this on your own but the real treat is watching them do it for other people. I'm convinced the show would make even the least organized person want to tackle their closet or pantry. I wanted to give it a go, but wasn't quite prepared to get all the various bins and organizational tools recommended so I decided to start small. 

My junk drawer. 

We all have one, and actually we probably have like 3 but this is our main junk drawer that sits at the edge of our kitchen counter. The home edit process is as follows: 

1. Take everything out of the space.

2. Edit- purge what you don't need, use, want, is out of date etc.

3. Sort/categorize items remaining.

4. Contain- put the categories into containers to help set up a lasting system.

So I took everything out...

Yikes...this picture literally hurts my eyes to look at.

Edited and categorized it...I don't have a picture of this part but I did cull several unwanted/unneeded items.

Put it into these handy containers from Target...

and Voila! 

My categories from front to back ended up being...notepads/stickies, writing utensils, health products (hand sanitizer, lotion, chapstick), tools (hubby keeps several small tools in this drawer for little things that pop up).  And if I'm being totally honest, I did have to extend to the drawer next door to make my categories fit- so next door has a mailing category and an electronics category. 

I'm really pleased with the result and so is hubby! We've kept it looking like this for about 2 weeks so now I just need to venture on to something bigger. The nursery dresser or my pantry perhaps?