Thursday, May 26, 2022

Missing Tomatoes

I have been craving a caprese salad. Which is unfortunate since tomatoes don't tend to agree with my reflux but I decided the other day that I didn't care and I would just go ahead and make one for dinner with an extra side of Tums. I went to the grocery store Monday to get some things for the week including the ingredients for my much anticipated caprese salad. Can you see where this is going?

I get out of the store and home with no trouble, despite the fact that it was pouring down rain the entire time, which I hate when you're trying to load groceries. When I came home I put everything away and eagerly anticipated dinner time. Hubby got home and we decided on an early dinner and I let him know we'd be having chicken, cabbage and a caprese salad. He raised his eyebrows at the idea of me eating tomatoes but was on board since I was clearly excited. 

Except when I went to go actually make the salad I could not find the tomatoes. I knew I had bought them- I bought a small bunch of vine ripe tomatoes, put them in a bag, weighed them on the scale the whole thing. So I start to assume that my pregnancy brain has gotten the best of me and I've probably put them in the freezer or a cabinet or something. Hubby helps me look, checks my car and they are nowhere to be found. I also then realize I don't see the basil that I bought, there's a missing cucumber and some missing cherry tomatoes as well. 

It is at this point that we both agree the most likely scenario is I left the whole bag of these items sitting in the self checkout lane I used at Publix. I cannot tell you the immense disappointment that was felt upon learning that the only ingredient I had for my salad was the mozzeralla. Which in case you're wondering does not actually make a caprese salad. Hubby was so sweet and offered to go get me a tomato but the rest of dinner was almost ready so I resigned myself to no caprese for the evening. 

But today! I'm going back to the store and will be able to get what I need to finally satisfy this particular craving. If I can just manage to get all my bags from the store to my home this time. 


  1. Gosh, I hate when that happens!! I actually forgot about a bag of frozen shrimp one time, but it was in the car and there was no question about it when I opened the car door the next day. Garages get HOT in Florida. It was bad. Hope you got your salad! I love caprese salads!! xo

  2. Good luck with that. Bummer when a craving is unfulfilled.

  3. Ha! I have totally done that as well. I love self check-out but sometimes I have a lapse in memory and leave something. Hopefully you can satisfy your craving soon.