Wednesday, May 4, 2022


 Have you watched "The Home Edit" on Netflix? In case you missed it, it is a show about professional organizers who own the company "The Home Edit" where they will come in and help you edit and organize different spaces in your home. They also have books to help you do this on your own but the real treat is watching them do it for other people. I'm convinced the show would make even the least organized person want to tackle their closet or pantry. I wanted to give it a go, but wasn't quite prepared to get all the various bins and organizational tools recommended so I decided to start small. 

My junk drawer. 

We all have one, and actually we probably have like 3 but this is our main junk drawer that sits at the edge of our kitchen counter. The home edit process is as follows: 

1. Take everything out of the space.

2. Edit- purge what you don't need, use, want, is out of date etc.

3. Sort/categorize items remaining.

4. Contain- put the categories into containers to help set up a lasting system.

So I took everything out...

Yikes...this picture literally hurts my eyes to look at.

Edited and categorized it...I don't have a picture of this part but I did cull several unwanted/unneeded items.

Put it into these handy containers from Target...

and Voila! 

My categories from front to back ended up being...notepads/stickies, writing utensils, health products (hand sanitizer, lotion, chapstick), tools (hubby keeps several small tools in this drawer for little things that pop up).  And if I'm being totally honest, I did have to extend to the drawer next door to make my categories fit- so next door has a mailing category and an electronics category. 

I'm really pleased with the result and so is hubby! We've kept it looking like this for about 2 weeks so now I just need to venture on to something bigger. The nursery dresser or my pantry perhaps? 


  1. Good for you! I always feel so accomplished when I tackle something like this. I really want to completely empty my kitchen pantry, paint it and then organize it better. Someday... right now all I really want to do is play in the garden!

  2. Haven't seen the show but I should definitely watch it. My goal this year is to declutter but I haven't started yet. Yes, I believe we have several junk drawers too! Thanks for the information.

  3. Very nice. I've not watched that show but probably should. Your drawer looks great. I don't want to admit how many junk drawers I have, between the kitchen, my bedroom, the office/craft room, etc. Pretty much all of them. Looking up the show!!

  4. Well done! We only have 1 junk drawer - and some of the junk in it was inherited from the previous owner. I really need to tackle it.

  5. If I had a dollar for every drawer organizer I have I'd be a wealthy woman. :o)) I cannot stand things to not be organized. I love learning new ways to organize and have never heard of that show but will sure be checking it out. Great post!

  6. My closet needs a home edit. It feels daunting. Maybe I'll start with my nightstand which feels possible.

  7. Haven't seen the show but it sounds interesting. My granddaughter found the neatest little cubicles that fit perfectly in her nursery chest of drawers. With the help of her mother, she organized all the things she would need for changing, dressing, etc all at her fingertips. She was so proud of herself.