Wednesday, May 31, 2023

11 Months

We are only ONE month away from a first birthday here! I cannot believe it and need time to slow down immediately. Except I also just love every new stage and this little guy is just my absolute favorite. The last month has been so fun! He is moving all over, babbling up a storm and so interested in everything. We get to do all kinds of fun things together and I feel like he is finally at an age where he really enjoys it because he’s so much more aware of what all is going on. 

Weight:22 lbs 7 oz ish…

We haven’t been to the doctor since about 9.5 months when we went in for an ear check so this is based on my own measurements at home. He is in 12 or 18 month clothes just kind of depending on the outfit. The 12 month stuff is all pretty snug but we are still rocking it! He’s not super tall so pants/shorts are tricky because bigger sizes are too long but the smaller sizes can be a bit tight so we just roll with it and do a little of both. I have been so fortunate to have a bunch of hand me down items from my sister’s two boys and a sweet friend, and it’s so fun to see him in the same outfits that I loved on all of them! And it helps my pocketbook too :) 

I mean what doesn’t he like? He is such a happy little guy and always so excited about all the things! He loves playing with his toys, reading books together, playing in his water table, watching out the window, cruising around the house with his push wago, throwing balls (or anything really), swinging on the porch, the vacuum cleaner, watching daddy mow the gras, dogs and birds and any other animal he can spot, opening cabinets and drawers and climbing on anything he can manage to get to! 

Being away from mama, not being allowed to do something he wants (ex. Pulling the corner protectors off the furniture) and having his diaper changed. The list is short and overall he is just the happiest little man- if he does get upset he can usually be consoled pretty quick by being picked up, eating a cheerio or going outside. 

Eating, Sleeping and Playing: 

Our day most days starts somewhere around 6:30 with naps at 9:30 and 2:30/3. He’s being going to bed sometime between 7:30 and 8. For the most part he is sleeping through the night which has been great! Although things are still a bit inconsistent with some random 5:30am wake ups or a middle of the night snuggle sesh. He’s a champion napper for the most part, sleeping for  about 2.5-3 hours during the day (split over his two naps). 

He is still getting 4 bottles with formula but we’ll be making the switch to regular milk right around his first birthday and cutting back a bit on the bottles. He eats 3 meals a day although the amount he actually consumes still varies a lot. Some meals he eats most of what I give him and other meals, it’s a few bites in the mouth and the rest is just for playing. But he’s growing great so we’re happy! Some of his favorites recently were the pork chops we had for dinner the other night, tomatoes, all the fruit and green beans. And cheerios…he loves cheerios! 

In between the sleeping and eating we try to do as much playing as possible! Usually in the mornings, we play with toys, go out to swing on the porch and then we go play upstairs (well he plays and this is when I exercise), then we usually play with some toys in his room before going down for nap. After his nap we usually go out for whatever our outing is that day (errands, swim class, lunch, the park etc) and then when we come home we like to play outside if it’s nice just hanging out in the backyard, playing in the water table, more swinging etc. There’s usually some time for books and indoor toys before nap time too. 

After his afternoon nap we almost always go for a walk unless it’s raining. I love our daily walks together and sometimes daddy gets home early enough to join us! Then it’s playing by mama’s feet while I make dinner- usually in the cabinets with the Tupperware or rolling his ball around the kitchen. After dinner there is often a little more outside time or some books and playing with daddy inside before we head up for bath and bed. 

I try to keep our days “busy” and he likes to go out and about with me and also loves to “help” out around the house. So sometimes playing looks like him holding the swiffer while I sweep the kitchen or him helping me fold the laundry or chasing around the roomba. We spend a lot of time together, sometimes being busy and sometimes doing the same things we’ve done a million times- it’s so much fun and exhausting and wonderful and sometimes monotonous and yet always new at the same time. It’s the best/hardest job I’ve ever had! 

Best Moment of the Month:
We had a fun month! We went to the zoo for the first time, visited cousins and he’s been walking with his push wagon which has been so fun to watch! He also has started high diving which is adorable, makes the cutest face to sniff something, and has 6 teeth!! It’s hard to choose a favorite but all of those are up there (except the teeth-I’m glad they’re there but getting them is the worst)!  

Now the countdown is on to the big NUMBER ONE! I can’t believe it and part of me thinks I’ll want to be a weepy mess about my baby being so big but I just know I won’t have time to be even a little sad because we have the sweetest day planned for him and he’s just going to be having so much fun that I know all I’ll be able to do is smile right along with him!