Monday, March 29, 2021

Wedding: Part 3

Ok team, we're onto part 3 and I haven't even covered the ceremony. I need to get moving! So buckle up because I'm about to throw some of my favorite photos your way!

My husband and I opted for a "first look" and I am so very glad we did. I know some people like to wait for that first moment to be when you're walking down the aisle, but I loved the slightly more private moment that could be shared between us. I say slightly more private because while there may not have been guests, there was a photographer, photographer assistant, wedding planner and 2 videographers. But nevertheless, it felt much more intimate and gave us the opportunity to steal a few minutes together before all of the excitement began. 

He waited. And I walked.

And his reaction was exactly what I hoped for!

 I want to hold on to the look of relaxed joy on his face in these pictures forever. 

It wasn't a long time that we had together, there were pictures to take and a ceremony to be held and we were on a timetable. But the extra 5 minutes of just him and me were so worth it. 

There were some more photos, of just us, and the bridal party too (stay tuned for more of these) and then it was finally time to walk down the aisle. We held our ceremony in the same building as our reception for ease and logistics because well....covid. So the easier you can make logistics the better. Both of us would have opted for a church ceremony but this ended up being just perfect and as my wedding planner reminded me- God will be in the ceremony know matter where you hold it.  So we set up the beautiful lobby with the coolest chair and my florist made a beautiful display for us. The room was so light and airy with its floor to ceiling windows but a modern backdrop behind us. I loved it! 

I feel like I keep saying that over and over...I loved it! And while the writing teacher in me wants to say, "oh my gosh, say other words!", it's just the truth so my repetition will continue. 

The ceremony was perfect. Both of our parents were there (whew!) and were picture perfect walking down the aisle to light the unity candle. It's a fairly dated tradition I guess you would say, but I love the symbolism of two families becoming one.

Can you tell I take after my mom?

And then it was time. I felt like the moment of walking down the aisle, with my dad, towards my groom was one of the most significant parts of the day for me. It is a moment filled with so much love, anticipation and excitement all wrapped up in one. And the feeling of everything you've waited for over the months (and truthfully years) is happening, right now!

Aren't my planners just the best, making sure everything is just right. 

And for those worried or wondering (and I know you're out there), that because we did a first look maybe the groom's reaction at the ceremony wouldn't be as sweet? 
Wrong. it was still perfect. 

Our minister did such a wonderful job of making the ceremony special and meaningful. He said a few words himself and had even asked Allan and I some questions weeks ahead of the wedding so he could use some of our own words about each other in his homily. There was scripture read by new sister-in-law. 
We exchanged vows...

And rings...

And he kissed his bride!

We joined our two families with the lighting of our unity candle. 

And our minister prayed over us and our marriage.


Then one more kiss! Because we're finally married!

And because we had loved ones that were far away, there was also a moment to say hi and let them know we're so glad they could watch from afar. Y'all, the people that were missing from the day was probably the hardest part of a pandemic wedding, but this made it a little bit better and I'm so glad, my people were able to help me work it out. 

Now time to celebrate! 

Well after a few more pictures that is...

Tune in tomorrow and we will be partying it up at our reception! 

**All photos in this post are credited to Chris Isham Photography **

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  1. I love your line about the writing teacher in you
    `no need to say it any differently. Yes pandemic weddings are hard but it looks like yours was beautiful.

  2. Love these glimpses - so beautiful and the love is visible even in the pictures!

  3. As I said on your mom's blog... Perfection and Brilliant.

  4. Ohhh! Getting married in 2020-2021 is another challenge, and it's so fun to peek into how you pulled it off. I love the pictures you've chosen to share and the love and joy that emanates from all of them.

  5. Amazing photos again that capture the essence of the wedding day and all its special moments. Thanks for sharing them with us, they are lovely.

  6. Best Day Ever!! With lots of best minutes strewn throughout xo