Saturday, March 27, 2021

Dads and Daughters

There's something special between dads and their daughters. I know I've spent a lot of time here talking about my mom but dad needed his own post too. I'm the luckiest when it comes to dads. He's always been my biggest fan and supporter. Has always told me I can do and be anything I want. He never makes me feel like he's anything less than proud of me. He always makes me feel loved. And I know no matter what he'll be there for me. 

My car battery died once and luckily I had someone close by that I was able to call to help me out because I did not have jumper cables in my car. And I remember, they asked me what I would have done if they couldn't have come and I said, without a second thought, I would have called my dad. It should be noted that my dad was living an hours drive from me at the time and my friend was clearly confused but I added, it wouldn't matter that he's an hour away or if he was doing something. If I called and said I needed help, he would find a way to help me. And that is my dad. He loves his girls with everything he has. 

So on the wedding day, we knew seeing me in my dress for the first time was a moment that needed to be captured. My sister had done something similar and all of us bridesmaids had pressed our noses to the windows to catch a glimpse of the precious moment. So I wanted that same moment with him. 

And it was just as sweet and special as I had imagined it would be. 

And in that moment, 

I was reminded just how amazing my dad is. How much he loves me. How special he thinks I am. 

I have an unwavering understanding that he is proud of the woman I've grown into. Proud of the choices I've made, including the man I married.

And even though, I'm not so little anymore, and a grown-up daughter is a bit different than a little one, he is still all the things I count on him to be. He is still the dad that would carry me in from the car after I fell asleep. The dad who taught me all the best music and dance moves to go with them. Seriously, I can sing all the words to all the classics. The dad who taught me to be brave, even when I didn't feel like it. 

The dad who took our family on our greatest adventures. Who led us into unknown things, and assured us it was going to be amazing. And it was. 

He's still the dad I can call at anytime, and I know he will always answer the phone no matter what. He's the dad I can rely on for help, support, encouragement and love every day of the week.

Some people may think my dad missed out on something because he has two girls and no boys. But the thing I know to be true is that my dad was absolutely 100% made to be a girl dad. He is the absolutely best at it. There is something special about dads and their daughters. It can't always be put into words, but it's there between them forever. 

I love you dad! HSK

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  1. 😭❤️ pictures really captured your sentiments! You are very blessed! You look so happy and beautiful! Congratulations

  2. Well. I am sure I won't read anything quite this sweet anywhere ever. Daughters loved well by their Dads all their lives are the lucky ones. You are one of those xo

  3. This is so beautiful! I hope you find some way to publish this beyond the blog. It is such a tender series of moments you are sharing with us. Thank you so much.

  4. So lovely a perfect daughter dad relationship, he looks amazing and so caring, you are very fortunate. I never had a relationship with my dad, it must be so special. Lovely photos

  5. Tears again, Maggie. What a beautiful post. You are so blessed!!