Thursday, March 18, 2021

Call Your Momma

 I saw a post on facebook that included a list of reasons people call their “mommas” and that list ranged from the big to the very small. 

I call my momma pretty often. I’m not sure how often the average 30 year old calls their mom but I’d imagine I probably speak to mine more than that. Not because I always have something to say or even because I need to talk to her, but because I love her and she’s one of my best friends. So I thought of my own list...

Had a good your momma ,she’ll celebrate with you.

Had a bad your momma, she’ll let you know tomorrow will be better.

Found a great recipe to your momma so she can try it too.

Can’t remember a your momma, she has it written down somewhere. 

Heard some good your momma, she’s a safe person to tell secrets too.

There’s a wasp in your your momma (even if she lives states away and can clearly not solve this problem for you- I really did this once)

Feeling your momma, she’ll keep you company even for just a few minutes.

Have a million things to your momma who has all the patience to listen.

Have nothing to your momma and listen to anything and everything about her day.

What makes you want to pick up the phone and call your momma? 

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  1. This is lovely. I have been talking to my mother more often during the pandemic than I had previously. These days I call her to make sure she is okay, when we were both younger, I'd call her to so she could help me or comfort me.

  2. I call my momma everyday! If, for some reason, I haven't called her by evening, she'll call before she gets into bed. Mommas are pure love.

  3. Well your momma still calls her momma for some of the same reasons (not the wasp-lol)and I say no matter your age a mother's love helps make the world go round just a bit more gently. Your phone calls are my favorite thing xo

  4. I would love to call mine. Perhaps I should share your post with my boys. I get texts sometimes but not too many phone calls.

  5. I just call to say hi. :)
    Thanks for sharing this.
    I might one that says... Reasons to Text your Mom, for my son.

  6. I wish I could call mine. I lost her in 1995. So celebrate your time with your momma (I know you do!). I like your list and I know she loves your reasons to call her. xo

  7. These are great reasons to call your mum, I hope my daughters keep calling me as often as possible!