Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Final Slice

31 Things From March

1. I restarted my blog. 

2. I wrote everyday. 

3. We got wedding pictures! 

4. I'm still sorting through them.

5. I taught 2nd grade. 

6. I finally got a reluctant writer, writing!

7. I made what feels like 1,000 dinners. Why do we have to eat every single day?!

8. I finished two books. Books that I was reading just for me which are the best kind. 

9. I listened to my favorite podcasts. 

10. I made it to the end of Joshua in my bible in a year reading plan. 

11. I facetimed with my sister and nephews and heard precious words from precious boys. 

12. I got a new planner. 

13. I tried a new restaurant with my husband.

14. I cleared out my closet and donated clothes. 

15. I put out Easter decorations. 

16. I bought a new wreath that looks like a bunny. Yes I needed it. 

17. I went back to the gym.

18. I ate a lot of Mexican food. 

19. I baked a cake for a teammate's birthday. 

20. I did 100 loads of laundry. That's probably an exaggeration but it feels right. 

21. I wore green for St. Patrick's day. 

22. I participated in my mom's hodgepodge twice. (missed it today- whoops!)

23. I found new blogs to read and follow. 

24. I walked the dogs. A lot. 

25. I enjoyed several glasses of wine. 

26. I binge watched "90 Day Fiance"

27. I made plans for the future. 

28. I prayed a lot. 

29. I slept not enough. 

30. I enjoyed the spring weather...when it decided to show up. 

31. I got the house ready for my parents to come.  TOMORROW!

I may be coming in under the wire here on the last day but I did it. 31 days in a row of writing. It's been such a fun exercise to write every single day and most of the days I loved it! So I definitely plan to keep up my blog. I've started and stopped it several times over the years but I think having 31 days in a row of blogging helped to make it a habit I can finally keep up with. And thanks to my mom's invite, next month I'll be doing the A-Z blogging challenge

Happy Slicing...until next year!


  1. A list of 31 things is a fun way to end the month! #7 was my favorite - I laughed out loud at "why do we have to eat every day?" (I hate cooking!) I feel the same about laundry & dishes - why are there always soooo many?! It sounds like you had an amazing month!

  2. Oh and I noticed you said "see you next year"... did you know there's slicing on Tuesdays year-round? Hope to see you some Tuesdays! :-)

    1. Oh yes! i had forgotten! I hope to join on those for sure!

  3. The cake was yummy! Congratulations on 31 days of slicing! We did it! I thought of doing a slice of 31 things but I just didn't have the energy! Maybe next year!

    1. It was a bit tricky to think of all 31 but a fun way to end the month!

  4. I enjoyed your list and could relate to a lot of it, cooking, eating and washing just get so time consuming! Well done for making it through and now going on to other challenges!

  5. I have so enjoyed your blogs this month and now will look forward to your A-Z challenge! I have never tried it but sure enjoy all the creativity of others! Enjoy your folks' visit!! xo

  6. I'm so glad you joined, Maggie! I have really enjoyed getting to know you more through your blog! I hope you try some Tuesday Slices ... and I loved this 31 for day 31!

  7. March has been a great restart to your blog - despite all those laundry loads lol