Monday, March 15, 2021

Early Morning Ramblings

Restless sleep and an alarm beeping much too early.

Hit the snooze button for a few more minutes under the covers. And then again.

Feet on the floor, stumble towards the bathroom- try not to step on the dogs. 

Brush teeth while the coffee brews. The smell wafting in begins to perk me up. 

Sip my coffee while I read my bible. Get my brain and heart ready for the day. 

Dressed and ready. A cozy sweater to match the cold outside. 

Dogs eagerly waiting for me by the back door. Leashes on and out we go. 

The sun is finally starting to peek through. Just barely. 

Eat a quick breakfast and pack my lunch. 

Remember how wonderful my mom is for making my lunch, every day for 12 years. 

One more cup of coffee for the road. Get my coat, scarf, gloves, teacher bag, badge and keys. 

"Be good! Have a good day!" shouted to the dogs on my way down the stairs. 

Happy Monday friends! 

This month I am linking up with "Two Writing Teachers" for a slice of life, daily writing challenge. 


  1. Happy Monday indeed! This was an especially tough one with the time change, that extra cup of coffee probably something everyone will need this morning!

  2. Happy Monday! Wish I was there to make your lunch : )

  3. Wishing you a good week ahead! I enjoyed your post and got tired just reading it! LOL

  4. Hope your Monday was extra happy!

  5. What a cute post and I think the time change has thrown everyone into a tailspin. Guess we'll all adjust shortly. Have a joy filled week!

  6. My days used to start like that not so many years ago! I remember when we first got our badges, which also let us into the building. I can't tell you how many times I forgot the darned thing, but I always had my keys... only they no longer unlocked the doors! Hope you have a great week!

  7. You have described your routine precisely and creatively as you head out to another busy week. Bye dogs!

  8. Your routine is a little more relaxed than mine - my dog is my alarm clock and is very careful and precise about how she wakes me up - 20 minutes before the actual alarm and by stepping all over me to make me get moving!

    1. Oh well that sure is nice of them to wake you! Lol, dogs can definitely be big old alarm clocks.