Sunday, March 28, 2021

What I'm Celebrating...

Things I'm celebrating this rainy Sunday afternoon...

1. Coffee out of a fun new mug.

2. The opportunity to exercise this morning...even though I didn't really feel like it. 

3. Mexican Food including table side guacamole.

4. Getting everything checked off our to-do list for our upcoming visitors. 

5. Palm Sunday. Today marks the beginning of Holy Week for Christians and that is certainly worth celebrating.

Whatever you're doing today, I hope you're taking time to rest and enjoy the day. 

This month I am linking up with "Two Writing Teachers" for a slice of life, daily writing challenge.


  1. Sometimes even a list can inspire us. Sounds like a nice Sunday to me!

  2. Mexican food... yes please!! So much to be thankful for!! xo

  3. Sounds like a great Sunday, I had a lovely day too, thanks.