Sunday, March 21, 2021

Calling All True Crime Fans

I've always loved mystery and crime shows on TV. In fact, my family often jokes about the amount of CSI we all watched when living in England because it always seemed that it was the only thing on in the evenings. I swear various seasons and episodes would be on at least 6 channels every night. And besides all three of the CSI series, I also enjoy Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, Dateline, 48 Hours, you get the picture. So when true crime podcasting started to gain some popularity I was on board. 

Now I will pause here and let you know I can be a huge chicken and the fact that I enjoy these podcasts is at odds with the fact that when I'm home alone I triple check the garage door, be sure the locks on all doors are locked including my bedroom and will often sleep with the bedside light on. But nevertheless I am always drawn in to true crime stories. I always enjoyed psychology, I took several classes in both high school and college so perhaps I'm so intrigued because of all the questions it raises about the human mind. But whatever the reason, I'm hooked. They are the best for long car rides because they hold your interest, kind of like a book on tape, and make the hours fly by! So over the years, I have listened to a lot and thought I'd compile some of my favorites into a list for any other true crime fans that are reading here today. 

Excellent True Crime Podcasts (in no particular order):

The first 3 suggestions are the ones I listen to that cover 1 case per 1 episode (with the occasional 2 part episode in there) rather than a whole season about one big case.

1. True Crime Garage: The two guys that host the show are hilarious and do a lot of research so the shows are thorough and enjoyable with some humor mixed in. 

2. Crime Junkies: Another one I frequent because the episodes are pretty short (usually no more than 45 minutes). 

3. Sword and Scale: Similar to the other two but I feel like they cover a lot of cases that you don't hear on other shows. Often, if you listen to true crime you're going to hear the same case covered by different shows. But most cases covered on this show aren't ones I've heard covered elsewhere.

Now for some that are seasonal cases- so they take a whole season of a show (average about 12 episodes) to cover one case. 

4. Serial: If you haven't listened to season 1 a.k.a. you've been living under a rock I highly recommend you do. They have other seasons as well that focus on other crimes but trust me, season 1 is prime listening material. And as a follow up you could listen to "Undisclosed" that covers the same case but the hosts hold a different perspective. 

5. Someone Knows Something: There are 6 seasons of this, I have listened to 2 of them and haven't been disappointed yet!

6. To Live and Die in L.A.: Just one season about one particular L.A. based crime - super interesting with a lot of twists and turns. I actually listened to it twice if that says anything- once on a drive by myself and once on that same drive but with my husband this time.

7. In the Dark: I don't want to say too much about this one and give away what is so good about it but it's definitely a worthwhile listen.

8. Up and Vanished: I've only listened to season 1 but it was a great listen and the podcast actually helped solve the case which is super cool! 

Rest assured I also fill my mind with plenty of positivity as well- sunshine, romantic comedies and HGTV. But if you feel like playing detective for an hour, these 8 suggestions are a good place to start. 

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  1. Well, where have I been all these years? I had no idea there were true crime podcasts out there. I too like all of those shows you mentioned so may have to look for a couple of these podcasts and check them out. Thanks!!

  2. I started listening to a podcast called "Shedding Light". It is 3 women who talk about people who have gone missing from our area. It is fascinating! But also a bit scary and I've had to stop listening when I am outside walking alone!

    I used to really like crime TV shows, but after I became a mom I had to stop watching them. LOL

  3. Crime podcasts sound like a good idea, thanks for the list, I will make a note of these and try and find the time to follow some.

  4. My daughter loves to listen to crime podcasts - but if she listens to them too much, or too close to bedtime she gets freaked out!

  5. I'm going to share this one with your fellow crime podcast listener next door : )

  6. I have never listened to crime podcasts but we did watch all of the CSIs, NCIS (I love Mark Harmon!), Bones and Blacklist are some of my favorites.

  7. You need to check out the "True Crime Obsessed" podcast!