Friday, March 26, 2021

Five on Friday

 Five things that are on my mind today...

1. The power went out at school today. Yep. From 1:15 onwards we were in the dark. Ok well not the pitch black dark, but still the kind of dark that threw all the kids into a tizzy and made it hard to see what they were writing. And the kind of power outage that also took out the internet which adds a whole new layer to the teaching in 2021 thing we're doing. 

2. It is WINDY today! To take a break from learning in the dark we went out for our afternoon recess and oh my gracious there is some wind today. The leaves were flying, my hair was out of control, the trash can fell over. Friday afternoons man- they're crazy. 

3, I got a new planner today (insert heart eyes emoji). I love a new planner. 

There is something so delightfully refreshing about blank pages ready for plans and dreams and to-dos. 

4. It's the weekend! This week felt long. Each day I found myself feeling like we should be further along than we were. So now I'm going to relish in 2 wonderful weekend days with my husband. No we don't have big plans...unless you count cleaning the house and getting it ready for my parents big plans. But we'll have yummy food, relax together, hopefully enjoy good weather on the porch and just enjoy being together. 

5. You didn't think I was going to leave you without a wedding picture did you? 

Photo: Chris Isham Photography 

This month I am linking up with "Two Writing Teachers" for a slice of life, daily writing challenge.


  1. It was a crazy afternoon. I actually did an old school read aloud - no doc camera. Enjoy your new planner and your weekend!

  2. SO windy! It was an adventure... Enjoy your weekend! Love the photo from your wedding!

  3. What a day with the power outage - but that planner is awesome, and so is that wedding picture!!

  4. Oh! Those first two make my blood pressure go up without a doubt. Either alone is enough to cause a tizzy, but together... that's quite a way to end the week.

  5. Crazy weather up there, all across the south. I know your folks are looking forward to their visit with you! Love the wedding photo! More please!! :)

  6. That picture is one of my favorites : )

  7. What an interesting and unexpected day, lights out, windy and what a lovely planner and wedding photo!