Friday, March 12, 2021

Summing It Up In 5

I was inspired by a fellow slicer's post here to write just 5 sentences that detail my writing journey and identity. 

As a child I held an abundance of words in my head and they would all come tumbling out of my mouth a mile a minute, surely exhausting the adults around me. 

As I grew in to those words, I learned from all of my favorite teachers, how to use them on paper to entice a reader with a narrative, to analyze an author's craft in detailed essay, to show my depth and breadth of knowledge with an expository piece, and I became a writer within the walls of the school building. 

College was full of research papers and responses to reading, mixed with a new type of writing: my first lesson plans. 

As I moved into the real world the lesson plan writing continued daily, weekly, yearly and journaling became a way to deal with big, grown up problems that I didn't always have the "out-loud" words to express but could always find with a pen on paper. 

Today, I'm working to stretch my writing wings, to build a routine and a rhythm of writing that feels comfortable and breathes life into my world and maybe the lives of others. 

This month I am linking up with "Two Writing Teachers" for a slice of life, daily writing challenge. 


  1. I really enjoyed this structure and how large a story you can share about your writing life in just five sentences. I'm bookmarking this for later in the challenge!

  2. You have expressed all the different ways of writing and how we put words onto paper so well. And all within the construct of those five sentences. It's a great read! You really write well. I especially like the description of the words that tumbled out of you as a child!

  3. I really enjoy your writing style and am so glad you are posting regularly now!

  4. I like how you structured your reflections on writing. "out loud" words was my favorite phrase!

  5. I love this structure! Thank you!