Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Facetime Is the Best Time

I'm taking a short break from wedding pictures today just to give myself time to get all the pictures I want to share organized and not be too rushed with everything. Plus I figured this way I could really savor the moments as I share them. 

For today I am sharing some nephew sweetness. I face-timed with my sister and her two boys yesterday evening and as always it was just the best. I love getting to talk to my sister and seeing my two favorite little guys puts so much joy in my heart. My oldest nephew...who I wrote about here and who we shall call T is at such a fun age because he is just talking up a storm. He wants to tell you all the things and he asks so many questions. When he hears someone say a word he's never heard, even if he's across the room playing, he'll pipe up with a "hey, what's ____ mean?". And because he is so full of words he is always telling me something adorable. So I never leave a conversation with him without a big smile. 

I haven't blogged about that cutie on the right yet, but I am fortunate enough to have 2 adorable nephews and both of them are already much bigger than when this photo was taken (stop growing!!) The littlest guy will get his own post one day though.

When we were talking yesterday, it was nighttime here but morning in the faraway place they live. Now this very large time difference can be confusing to a little one so when I began yawning he told me "Hey Aunt Maggie you're yawning! Don't yawn it's morning!".  His momma reminded him that even though it was morning there, it was nighttime where Aunt Maggie was. And then he melted my heart.

"Oh well Aunt Maggie's going to go to bed then, but not in a crib. And maybe sometime I can come sleep at her house. And Aunt Maggie could sing me a song before bed." (if you say this in a precious little 3 1/2 yr old voice it's even better).

Oh my heart, how I would love if he could stay at my house and I could sing him a bedtime song. Distance is so hard and while my sister's family hasn't ever lived particularly close to where I live they are currently extra far and that can be tough on everyone's hearts. But they'll be much closer soon and we just can't wait! I hope I'll be singing T a bedtime song and snuggling up for some bedtime cuddles. For now I will settle for heart melting facetime calls.

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  1. Be still my heart. For reals.

  2. Aww! Reading about your nephews makes me miss my nieces. My sister and I haven't quite found a good pattern/rhythm to our Facetime calls. Our schedules always seem to get in the way. But I definitely know what you mean about how they can melt your heart. Your nephews sound super sweet!

  3. Those boys are so adorable! I am so anxious for them to get 'home' too, so we can see more of them growing up with their auntie and their grandparents! Loved this post!! Now... more pictures please!! :)

  4. Oh they are precious and it is so good that your older nephew is at an age where he wants to and can communicate. As you say, many heart melting moments and lots of fun. Facetime is almost as good as being there in this case.

  5. Oh, I can't even imagine how you and your parents and Shannon have endured this far, far distance between all of you. But, you all have done it with such style and grace. I'm so glad they will be moving closer soon. You have the same style of writing as your precious Mom and that's a BIG compliment!