Thursday, April 1, 2021

A is for Adventure

We're off on an adventure this month! Well technically, I've already been on all of these adventures, but now I'm bringing you along. I am fresh off of a month long, everyday writing challenge. So what did I decide to do? Start a new writing challenge obviously! Today marks the start of the April A-Z Blog Challenge hosted by a number of different people, but you'll find the information and sign up details over on Blogging From A-Z.  My mom has participated in years past and encouraged me to jump in this year as well. So here we are. 

While you don't technically need a topic or theme for the challenge, it's nice to have one I think and my mom actually helped me come up with mine. When I was just shy of 13,  my family moved overseas to England. Over the next 6 years we had the best of adventures as a family and I did so much learning, growing and loving life in those years. I want to be able to remember all the wonders, challenges and excitement from that  period of my life so for the next month, I'll be bringing you along my trip down memory lane. 

A is for adventure. 

It was an adventure leaving the place I was most familiar with and moving to a different country. 

It was an adventure exploring new towns and cities in this new place we now called home.

It was an adventure starting at a new school filled with students from countries all over the world. 

It was an adventure making new friends who I would share a lifelong bond with despite the miles that would someday separate us. 

It was an adventure traveling to different countries with cultures and customs so different from my own. Soaking up every minute (as much as a teenager can). 

And it was the greatest adventure doing this alongside my family. 


  1. Looking forward to following your adventures in my home country.

  2. Sounds like you have had lots of adventures.

  3. Sounds like you have had lots of adventures.

  4. Very excited to have you recap this. Loved every moment and wish we could do it again.

  5. I am so looking forward to your B-Z!!

  6. I'm excited to read about your adventures! I've had a few of them, too!!! And I'm glad that you're continuing your writing challenge and that your mom encouraged you to do this challenge. Enjoy!!!