Saturday, April 17, 2021


Continuing along today with the April A-Z Blog Challenge. Our family moved to England when I was just shy of 13 and spent the next 6 years across the pond. This month, I am reflecting on the time I spent overseas during my teens.

Better late than never right? Today’s post is full of things I’ve learned from living overseas. 

O is for Overseas

10 Things I Learned While Overseas...

1. Out there. There is a great big, wide world and I'm not sure I'll ever see enough of it.

2. Doing new things often is good for you.

3. Even when they seem oh so scary.

4. Mayonnaise is outstanding as a dip for your french fries. 

5. Your "home" is not the one center of the universe. 

6. It's great to have friends from all over the world. They'll help you to be open minded.

7. The only suitable word to describe the feeling of the exhaustion is "absolutely knackered".

8. International school will prepare you to work with all kinds of people...which you'll need when you grow up and have to work with all kinds of people. It will be anything but ordinary.

9. Traveling will make you outrageously brave. 

10. A place that at first feels strange and new to us can turn into our "home". 


  1. Wonderful lessons learned at such a young age... and look at you now! Brilliant and beautiful and anything but ordinary!!

  2. Your list made me smile. The only time I've been overseas is a when I did a semester abroad in Ireland. My biggest lesson was your number 5. :)

    Here from A to Z. Visit me at where our theme is Down syndrome in the media.

  3. Yep mayonnaise is better than ketchup for chips (fries) as far as I'm concerned. Good list.

  4. I love it!! You are doing an Outstanding job with these posts : )