Friday, April 16, 2021


Continuing along today with the April A-Z Blog Challenge. For the month of April, I am reflecting on the time I spent living overseas as a teenager. 
And for today's post, I tried something a bit different with my writing. 

N is for Normandy

A trip through the chunnel, connecting the UK to France. 
Driving the English Channel is sure to make anyone a little anxious.
A bed and breakfast tucked in the rolling hills. Invisible from the roads but a welcomed relief after finally spotting it.
Hidden so well, the Germans used it during WWII. 

Expecting crowded, touristy memorials. Off to the beaches. 
The same ones that were stormed many years ago. 
But what a surprise... they were calm, untouched and marked with simple markers.

A setting fit for the bravery displayed and the tragedy that accompanied it.

Cold, wet and windy.

Flags side by side that still makes my stomach flip. Only 14 but old enough to understand the depth of what we were seeing.

Bunkers still there. Not filled in or roped off with caution tape. Not forbidden due to safety precautions. No fee to go in and look. Sisters allowed to slide along the narrow path to see inside.

Looking out at the beach. Trying to imagine. Impossible.

A window into the past for anyone who wants to look through it. 

Rows and rows. Thousands. White crosses. It takes your breath away. And it doesn't come back for quite some time. 

N is for Normandy.


  1. I think Normandy is one place I would love to visit. Your descriptions and pictures make me even more eager.

  2. One of my favorite trips, and definitely one of the most memorable. I enjoyed the way you captured it here.