Thursday, April 15, 2021

Going to the Market

Continuing along today with the April A-Z Blog Challenge. Our family moved to England when I was just shy of 13 and spent the next 6 years across the pond. This month, as part of an A-Z blogging challenge. I am reflecting on the time I spent overseas during my teens.

M is for Markets

And not just any markets. But Christmas markets! When I was in 8th grade my mom invited me on a special mother-daughter trip to Stuttgart, Germany to check out the Christmas markets. It would us plus one other mother-daughter duo that were close friends of ours. We had only been in England a few months at this point, so it felt brave for mom and me to be making this trip just us. I didn't really know what to expect from the Christmas markets but what I can say now is that they are a winter wonderland of holiday joy and should you ever get the chance to go, you absolutely must! 

I actually went on a market trip with my mom 3 times over the years to Stuttgart, Nuremberg and then Dresden. 

We added 2 moms (no more daughters) the second year when we headed to Nuremberg.

And as you'll see, the 3rd year included several of my friends and their moms. I loved each of the trips for a variety of reasons but that first trip is probably my favorite because it was just 4 of us so it was mom and me pretty much 24/7. And while I'm sure at the time I loved having the big group of friends on the later trip, it meant a little less time with mom so the first year will always stand out as being the most special. 

Cities all over Germany (and other countries too) have these markets and they are street squares filled with countless vendors in their little stalls, offering all kinds of goodies. There are ornaments, and artwork. There are more nutcrackers than you can count- of which we bought only a few. 

There are these delightful Christmas pyramids, many of which will spin when you light candle inside. 

Here I am standing in front of a giant one...we however settled for one that would fit on the credenza in the dining room. 

They have German smokers of every variety. I had to get the chef one- I'm a pretty avid baker. And my mom got a skiing one for my dad. They sit on the tops of the cabinets at Christmas time reminding us of our travels. Our tree has several ornaments from the various markets and our hearts are full of memories. 

Our trip to Dresden stands out as perhaps the coldest I've ever least in the top 3. And that is saying something, because I am cold more often than not. But I can always spot a Dresden picture compared to anywhere else because I look so cold. I am confident more gluwein and hot cocoa was consumed on this trip than any other out of mere necessity. We also probably bought more things, just wanting to step into shops to get out of the cold.

It was always a special trip due to it being just mother-daughter and I felt like I got a special piece of my mom with those trips and the fun we shared. We ate the most delicious potato pancakes topped with the smoothest applesauce. We drank gluwein out of mugs shaped like little boots. My mom has a collection of these mugs that we now drink our Christmas punch out of. We strolled through the stalls, picking out trinkets for our family and talking away. We laughed with our friends and stayed up late at the hotel playing games.

I love Christmas. And I love my mom. And these trips were an excellent combination of both.


  1. Special trips for sure. Those markets were so fun. Glad you had this time with Mom. XOXOX

  2. I am so enjoying reliving all these memories with you. Such sweet special times together and I feel so grateful. Love you fraulein : )

  3. How fun those trips were for you, your mom, and your friends! I have heard of the Christmas Markets but never knew anyone who actually got to go to them!! It is so great that you have the decorations and even more great that you have such special memories of those times. I am looking forward to your "N"!! xo