Friday, July 8, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I'm joining up with April at A. Liz adventures for Five on Friday for the first time today! Head on over to her blog to join!

1. First things first- this link. 

50 different pasta salad recipes! Yes, you read that right I said 50. And they all look delicious! Some of them would definitely be more indulging but most look actually pretty healthy especially if you use whole wheat pasta or even subbed in quinoa and I can't wait to test out a few. Just to give you a little sneak peek.... in order from left to right- avocado pasta salad, southwestern black bean pasta salad and a tzatziki pasta salad. How delicious do those look?!

2. One of my friends shared this with me and it has been a game changer on busy days! It's a 15 minute workout! 15 minutes-that's it. I calculated it and it is only 1% of my day. I squeeze it in while dinner is cooking or before a shower in my bathroom. It's my go to on a day where a longer workout just isn't happening.
Burpees- 30 sec
Plank- 60 sec
High Knees- 30 sec
Lunges- 60 sec
Mountain Climbers- 30 sec
Leg Lifts- 60 sec
Squat Jumps- 30 sec
Wall Sits- 60 sec
Speed Skaters- 30 sec
Calf Raises- 60 sec

Complete and Repeat
(Let me know and I'm happy to clarify any of the exercises)

3. Speaking of getting a workout new favorite exercise trick is my energize drink. I drink it 30 minutes before my workout and it gives me so much more energy! I've also been known to drink some before needing to clean my house or at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon when I have things to do but all I really want to do is nap- is that just me?

About to get my workout on after my energize!

4. Did you know Walmart has super cute workout clothes? I found the cutest workout tanks and tees there! I find it hard to spend a lot of money of something that's going to get all sweaty anyway so I love that they're inexpensive and the fact that they're super cute is a bonus! 
I may have now worn this shirt more times than most of my much fancier shirts combined! Love it!! 

5. I'm getting started with the facebook health and fitness accountability group I run and I shared my goals with them tonight. In my mind the more accountability I have the better when it comes to meeting these goals so I'd like to share them with you here as well and I'll keep you posted on my progress over the next 21 days!
What I'll be working on:
- working out at least 5 days a week so 15 of the 21  days (hoping to kick this goal's booty and do even more!)
-limit myself to 1 soda/week --> Diet coke is still a weakness of mine even thought I know it's bad for me (it's just so delicious) so this goal is going to be a challenge but I'm committed!
- drink more water!! They say you should determine how much water to drink by cutting your weight in half so that will be my goal each day.

Hope you enjoyed my "fit friday" for this five on friday! 

PS. If you want to set your own goals and join me and my group you can find me on facebook at I'd love to include you! 


  1. You are the second post today that has mentioned Walmarts workout clothes. I think I have to make a stop on my way home tonight! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love pasta salads---can you send me the three you showed. They all 3 look great. Keep off the diet soda. Good 5 on Friday

  3. I love that saying on your shirt! Keep us posted on how the FB group is doing, and how you are doing. I need to get motivated!