Monday, June 28, 2021

Honeymoonin' (Part 2)

Where does the time go during summer vacation? I had every intention of writing this post last week but alas, I was busy with who knows what that it got away from me. When we left off last week, we had finally arrived in Grenada after a bit of a stressful travel day and a few too many nose swabs in my opinion but we were there! 

We had a lovely dinner at one of the 10 restaurants on the property that first night after getting settled into our room. Particularly given some of the travel restraints still in place, it was so wonderful to be at such a fabulous resort. Where we still got to enjoy dinner at a new restaurant each night and over indulge in all the deliciousness. Our first official full day was spent at the beach. We got up early the next day (husband is an early bird and he's working on getting me to become one too) and headed down to the beach where our chairs were already set up for us, under the umbrella with a cooler of drinks and towels ready to go. While the butler service is definitely not a must, and a bit over the top, it was super fun to be pampered on our special trip. 

The beach at this particular sandals isn't huge but its beautiful. They have two areas jettied off to allow for some calm shores and the chairs are spread out a bit so you're not right on top of your beach neighbors. And it never felt overly crowded or anything less than relaxing. Our butler had also set up a snorkel trip for us for that afternoon so after some relaxation, dipping our feet in the ocean and a walk down the beach we headed over to watersports and loaded up for some snorkeling.

As you can see, we ended up with gorgeous weather for the trip. We arrived on a Saturday and didn't see any rain until Wednesday. And even then, it was a quick downpour and then done, never ruining the day. 

It was after our snorkel trip that we wandered to a separate area of the resort that we hadn't explored yet and found ourselves at the swim up pool bar. So fun!

We toasted our first full day with some yummy frozen drinks (a must when you're on vacation) and decided that this is where we'd camp out tomorrow. At what our butlers fondly call the "party pool". The resort has a couple of pools, including 2 main large pools. One is right off the beach and the other is towards the other side of the property, complete with a swim up bar and some games and entertainment each day. I was a big fan of the trivia! I've decided that trivia, which I love anyways, is even better when you're standing in the pool sipping on a daiquiri. 

And so this is where we spent the next couple of afternoons. Hanging out in our personal lounge chairs, or in the water. We made friends with a few other couple that were vacationing there as well which filled our days with even more laughter and fun. Hubs even played a few games of pool volleyball. And after a day of sunshine, we would head back to our room, maybe take a final dip in our swim-up pool before getting cleaned up for dinner. 

After dinner each night we typically would head over the "living room" which is a communal bar space where there was nightly entertainment. We'd play pool, or enjoy the live music or show for the night. 

Our "couple friends" from the week! And unexpected bonus for the trip was new friends!

Unfortunately due to island restrictions, they weren't offering their usual off property excursions. Initially I was worried, we would end up feeling like we didn't have enough to do but honestly I loved getting to stay on property the whole time and relax by the beach and pool. But even without excursions they still have their usual watersports and activities. So like I said earlier, we were able to snorkel early in the trip. And a couple of days later we took an island boat tour where they take you around the coast to give you a feel of the island outside of the resort. 

The island is beautiful and if we come back, I'd definitely love to explore it more. But we were able to see some of the downtown of St. Georges's, the vet school, and Oprah's house! 

And during this trip we were able to talk with another couple who talked my husband into signing us up for Snuba!  

What is snuba you ask? It is a snorkel/scuba combo of sorts. You have a regulator attached to an oxygen tank like in scuba. But unlike scuba that tank is actually sitting on a float, not your back, and you are connected via a long hose. It allows you more freedom than snorkeling, and you can go to about 20 ft. They have you practice with the regulator in the pool the day before you take your trip so your comfortable. Although I still needed some warmup time in the ocean before feeling comfortable to go under all the way, with the weight belt. Hubby was a rockstar and loved it! I enjoyed it, but was definitely a bit more hesitant. I'm going to share a bit more about our snuba trip hopefully in a later post once we get our underwater photos developed. Apparently, disposable cameras are so rare these days, it takes weeks to develop... So stay tuned on that one! 

That was Thursday, only a couple days before leaving and so that last full day we had, was spent enjoying every second of sunshine we could at the pool and a special last dinner at their french restaurant. 
We were able to snag these pictures before dinner I love them! The evening sky behind us, the palm trees, the sunkissed faces and relaxed smiles after a week of paradise.

It was the perfect celebration of our marriage and all the joy that's to come! 

Here's to many, many more! 


  1. I sure loved my visit here this evening! What a great honeymoon you had! My nephew when to med school there and he talked about how beautiful the island is (and also how hard it is to get there from here)! I've always heard the Sandals Resorts are wonderful and you seem to have had the same experience! Thanks for sharing it with us! Looking forward to learning more about snuba!! xo

  2. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! Cheers to happily ever after xo

  3. This sounds heavenly! I'm stuck on the cooler full of drinks waiting for you on the beach! That is DEFINITELY the way to go!!!

  4. Sounds like the perfect honeymoon! Glad you were able to travel for it.