Sunday, October 3, 2021

Big Changes

We got some big news at our house last week....

We are leaving Pennsylvania and headed down to Tennessee! Hubby has been moved into a new position at work that involves relocating down south. I am so very proud of him for this accomplishment in his career. He is the hardest worker and it is so exciting to see that pay off in a big way. 

At the top of the list of amazing things that this move entails are...

1. Being back in the south. Woohoo!! No offense to all of your northerners. We have loved living up here but we are southerners at heart and being back below that Mason-Dixon line is a plus for us. Not to mention we'll be sneaking out of here before any big snows! 

2. Being closer to our families. Being back down south means we are closer to all of our people. While we're still not exactly neighbors, we are exponentially closer to both sets of our parents and siblings as well. Speaking of sister and I have been way far apart for the last, oh 11 years I'd say. Spread out over South Carolina, D.C., Washington (state), Korea, Pennsylvania as we've moved through different seasons. And now, by some miracle we will live in the same state! Cue the excited cheers!! 

There are all kinds of things on this list, but these two are the ones that sit at the top, that make us giddy to get going! 

But while there is a long list of excitement in this opportunity, it is not without a note of bittersweet emotion. We really have loved this area and there is some sadness to leaving it. One of those, the biggest one probably, is that I have been at a great school over the last year. Finding a school community that you love being a part of can be tricky and I lucked out with this one. And It's certainly hard to say goodbye to my kiddos early on in the year. So I'll be cherishing the next few weeks with them as we prepare to make the transition. 

And aside from my job, I am a super sentimental person so I can't help but think of all this house has held for us. This is the first home we shared together. We were standing at this kitchen counter (well the pre-renovation version) when hubby told me he loved me for the first time, on one of my visits up here. We toasted our engagement on that porch. We planned a wedding from this house, and started our life together here. So saying goodbye to it will definitely give me some big feelings.  

But mostly I am so excited for this next chapter for us. Off on a new adventure together. The next month is going to be wild, getting everything together. And there are some challenges, with hubby needing to be in two place at once (both home here and at new job there) but we're going to figure it out together!  


  1. I am happy for you and all the good things this move brings for you both! The memories of your first home together will live in your heart forever. I know your families are thrilled!! Congrats on the promotion and on your new adventure!! xo

  2. You have so much joy ahead. We will miss you, but GO, GO, GO!!!!

  3. OHHHHHH! how exciting! I'm so happy that you two will be in the "vacinity" of family. Hoping for a smooth move for you.

  4. Exciting times.. God is SO GOOD.. I love how He is bringing you home to your families.
    Praying for your journey.. I know that at the same time it is exciting it.. stings just a wee little too.
    Love, Carla

  5. As your mother's excitement was palatable, even through her blog post, I wanted to jump over and share in your emotions. And as usual with the Daley girls, you are real. Change always brings change and feelings difficult to always express. But you gals do it with eloquence and emotions based on reality. Blessings on you and Hubby as you make this move. I definitely know 2 very thrilled parents and suspect a few more folks as well.

  6. This is such exciting news! Happy for you!

  7. Congratulations! Such happy news!

  8. Maggie, I am so very happy for you and your husband. I've followed your love life thru your mom's blog and have been thrilled to see how it's all worked out for you. Now with this move back down south, that's truly wonderful!!!