Sunday, October 15, 2023

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

It is full on fall over at our house and it has been such a fun start to the season. As I predicted, JB absolutely LOVES pumpkins. He thinks they are just the best. We hit up the pumpkin patch on the first of October which always feels like official fall to me. He was in heaven, looking at all the pumpkins. Just wandering from one to another, trying to pick them up, giving them hugs and pointing them all out to us. He couldn’t get enough. And frankly, neither could I of his sweet excitement. 

The pumpkin patch we visited has wagons for you to carry your pumpkins and that might have been the best part. He loved getting to ride in the wagon, pulled by his daddy and carry his little pumpkins. He held his little mini pumpkin the whole way home too.

And since getting the pumpkins set up on the porch, we take pretty regular trips out there to check on them. And by check on them I mean, pick them up, rearrange, try and stack them, and give hugs to the big ones.

And because one trip to the pumpkin patch just isn’t enough, this past week we headed back for round two. This time with a friend and her kiddos. It was just as fun second go round. He was still excited to check out all the different types of pumpkins and we came home with 3 more. And this time we also got to check out a few of the fun things in their kid zone. 

I also of course need to add in what you probably just noticed from this new picture… his haircut! Our sweet boy got his first big boy hair cut and looks all grown up now. I was quite emotional about it at first but he is just too cute and I love it. 

He got to experience his first bounce house! It was hilarious to watch him try to figure out how to maneuver but once he got oriented, he didn’t want to get out! There were also a few wagon rides. One in the kid zone that produced the world’s sweetest most joyful smile.

And of course a ride through the patch while we picked out the pumpkins. I love the way he holds on with both hands the whole time. Even when I handed him his mini pumpkin, he took one hand off to grab it, set it down and then immediately back to holding on. But he loves it! And getting out was his least favorite part of the day. 

Speaking of pumpkins, there is one more pumpkin in our home…oh wait that’s not a pumpkin just my belly! But some days it feels like a pumpkin! I’m over halfway through this pregnancy and overall it has been such smooth sailing. I’ve continued to have minimal symptoms which I’m so grateful for. Although, I’ve been feeling that acid reflux creep in and if you read along with JB’s pregnancy you know that was a huge pain for me last time. Hoping it doesn’t get as severe with this little gal. I’m back to seeing the chiropractor and that’s been great for any aches and pains so we are just trucking right along.

We’re starting to get JB’s big boy room organized. Slowly. Very Slowly. But we moved out a desk that was in there to give him a play nook and we added a bookcase for all of his great books! Now just to find some cute sheets, and get his toys organized, and get bed rails and move his clothes and so on and so forth. This doesn’t all have to be done right away as we’re not intending to move him until a few months after baby sister arrives but we want him to be able to hang in the finished room before the move some to be comfortable there. 

This pregnancy is flying by and I can’t believe in right around 4 months we’ll have a second little pumpkin to love! We are so lucky! 


  1. You both are the sweetest. HSK ;)

  2. We're so excited too! He's just the cutest : )

  3. I loved catching up with you here, Maggie! JB looks so grown up with his new haircut. Time goes so fast. I'm happy you are feeling good and am excited for you and your expanding family!! Sweetness!!

  4. He is so cute. I really enjoy your descriptions.

  5. So much cuteness in this post, love it!

  6. Such a fun post! JB continues to be so very cute, even with his big boy haircut! Love your decorations.

  7. Love your pumpkin patch pics and they reminded me of when mine were little. This year, only 2/3 came with us and we didn't even get a wagon, just carried a couple small ones. And I got a picture of my oldest resisting taking a picture!