Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Getting Organized!

There comes a time each year in teaching where my brain starts moving out of the current year and into the following year. I guess this may seem crazy but it always helps me push to summer and end my year with a positive, hopeful attitude. It's arrived a little early this year as I'm contemplating moving grade levels and so I'm starting to get all excited thinking about different things I can do, changes I'll want to make etc.

One thing I am extremely excited about for next year already is the new teacher binder organization I am going to put into place. I found this awesome teacher binder on teacherspayteachers and it has everything I need, but much prettier than I could ever make it.

I have envied these teachers binders for the last several years but could never bring myself to buy one when certainly there were other things I needed instead right? But something I've learned in my teaching career is that being organized is worth the cost. I'm also much more likely to stay organized using something pretty like this! 

If you're interested the link to the blog I found this on is here and the link to her teacherspayteachers website is here. I can't wait to put this in place come August and some of the pages are going to get to work right away in my current classroom! 


  1. Visiting today from your mom's blog :) I think getting organized and excited for the next school year is one of the best things about teaching. I love Teachers Pay Teachers, such a great idea!

  2. You know I share your love of beautiful notebook-calendar-planners of any kind. Have fun organizing! In color!