Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Going "Nuts" Over the Hodgepodge

 From this Side of the Pond

1. February 16th is National Almond day...are you a fan? If so what's your favorite food item or recipe that contains almonds? 

I do like almonds and I love almond flavored things. In fact, on valentines day hubby and I ate our wedding cake top tier that was almond cake :) We missed eating it on our anniversary so we figured valentines was a good alternative. 

2. Something you are currently 'nuts' about? 

All things baby. I'm loving being pregnant- even the not so great parts remind of the miracle I get to be a part of. So I spend a lot of times wrapped up in all the baby things- working on a baby registry, reading pregnancy and birth books, practicing some pregnancy mediation, prenatal yoga, brainstorming names-  all the things. 

3. Something currently driving you 'nuts'? 

So if you read my recap of our babymoon to Barbados, you know that we got stuck there an extra day and in order to leave ended up rerouting ourselves to Newark before heading back home. Well with all the changes and cancellations and extra expenses there were no less than a thousand forms for me to fill out to make claims on our travel insurance and with the airlines. And it's been a week and everything is pending and it's all just nuts. 

4. Something you recently bought for 'peanuts'? 

Do we buy anything for "peanuts" these days? Because it sure doesn't feel like it! I guess maybe the yoga/birth ball I bought on amazon the other day- it was on sale so it felt like a win. 

5. Share a favorite quote uttered by any U.S. President ( if you're not an American, a quote made by the leader of your own country). 

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try." - John F. Kennedy

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

A few random thoughts for the day...

1. I've just read the book "Resistance Women" and while it can feel like a bit of downer it was a really interesting and inspiring read. It's historical fiction but the main characters are real people and the author does a wonderful job of brining you into that time period- the rise of Hitler in Germany. If you're a historical fiction fan- one of my favorite genres- I recommend it for sure!

2.  I visited the chiropractor for the first time in my life yesterday. I was super nervous because I just didn't know what kind of popping and cracking to expect but these pregnancy aches and pains, combined with my already misaligned self (scoliosis, weak shoulder joints) won out and I took my OB up on a referral and it was great! I think it will be really helpful as I move through these later parts of pregnancy. 

3. And speaking of pregnancy- tomorrow we go for our next OB appointment. These days are always my favorite! I don't think anything super exciting is to be expected at this appointment, just a quick checkup. But that always comes with a glimpse of our little guy and a listen to the heartbeat so it's sure to be the highlight of my week :) 


  1. I used to think chiros were quacks but I went through a bad period of time where I had headaches all the time and he fixed that right up!

  2. Aww I hope you have fun tomorrow at your OB appointment. That must be so cool to see your little baby. That book sounds good. I've been going to the chiropractor off and on since I was a child. I now go about every 5-6 weeks and it really helps keep me in alignment. Hope it works really well for you too.

  3. I've never been to a chiropractor but I may need to find one! Glad you had a good experience!!

  4. Did the cake hold up well? It still looks pretty. I hope the chiro helps. You know you are loosely put together : ) Can't wait to be introduced to baby boy in person and know his name. EEEK!

  5. Pregnancy an excited time for sure. Great quote.

  6. Such a special time for you all as you plan and anticipate holding your little babe in your arms. That's great that the chiropractor is able to help. Ugh...sorry about those travel woes and forms. Hope they all come back in your favor. Happy Hodgepodge to you!

  7. Oh, I go to the chiropractor regularly, 3-4x a month and have for years. I have neck issues and lower back issues and it truly helps. But, I forbid him to pop my neck, that is OFF limits. So happy you are enjoying your pregnancy, I loved being pregnant both times. Enjoy the rest of this week!

  8. I loved reading your Hodgepodge today! Such an exciting time for you and your hubby!! xo

  9. i love going to the chiropractor. My daughter went when she was pregnant and also took both her littles when they were babies. It makes such a difference. Barbados sounds like a great place to go.