Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Catching Up

It’s hard to believe we’ve had our little guy for 3 whole weeks now! (Also, we've actually had him almost 4 but I started this post when he was 3 weeks- motherhood is busy y'all!). It’s amazing how fast the time feels like its going by. We have been so fortunate with how well JB has done and he is truly such a sweet baby. We were lucky to be able to bring him home from the hospital the very next evening after he was born. The hospital is not a place to get rest, what with the nurses coming in all the time to check on you so we were happy to be able to get home to our own space. 

On Saturday, at just 2 days old we had our first little scare. We noticed that the skin around his umbilical cord was looking pretty red and we became concerned about a possible infection. After talking with the after hours nurse at his pediatrician we were advised to take him to the children’s ER to get it checked out. Unfortunately due to his age the urgent care centers wouldn’t be able to see him so the ER was the only option. Nothing like being 2 days postpartum with a tiny little life you’re responsible for and being told you need to load them into the car and head to the ER. But fortunately everything was fine and it was determined the redness was probably just irritation from the clamp that hadn’t been removed yet. We definitely felt like over anxious new parents but always better to put your mind at ease right? 

Those first few days were a blur of diaper changes (mostly by hubby because he’s amazing), baby snuggles, figuring out nursing, and sleeping whenever possible. JB did more sleeping than anyone else though. He was the sleepiest little guy for about the first week. It was a challenge just to keep him awake to eat and of course that had my new, first time mom self all worried that he wasn’t getting enough milk, or that maybe there was something wrong or that he would start losing too much weight. Well rest assured that was not the case- he was back up at birth weight at 6 days old. And at his 2 week appointment he was already 9lbs 7 oz, almost a whole pound heavier than his birth weight. So he seems to be eating like a champ! They tell you when you’re pregnant that breastfeeding will be harder or more stressful than you think and they’re right. But we seem to have it mostly figured out now and for that I am oh so grateful! 

He had his first bath once we were home and was not a huge fan- although he has since come to realize that bath time is not so bad. He's been for his first stroller ride and tried out the swing. He's worn all the newborn outfits we have, multiple a day it seems and has now pretty much graduated to the next size up. He's definitely a chunky little guy but still feels itty bitty to me! 

We were so fortunate to have plenty of help in the first 10 days with both my parents and my in-laws coming to stay for a few days each. My parents came the day we went to the hospital so they could watch our dog and be there when we first got home and then about 6 days later my in laws came to stay a few days as well. Everyone was so helpful with things around the house, laundry, holding the baby so I could shower or rest, meals- you name it and our people took care of it. Adjusting to life with a little one is a challenge but having such great support was so helpful as we figured it all out. 

At 9 days old we had his newborn photos taken and they are my favorite thing ever! Our photographer did a wonderful job capturing some sweet moments and I know we'll treasure these. James did so well for the photos, sleeping most of the time but waking up just enough to get some shots of those baby blues! I can't get enough of him! 


  1. That last picture is one of my favorites. I can't get enough of him either. Can't wait to see you all soon xo

  2. That picture is adorable!

  3. Wonderful pictures, Maggie! What a precious little baby he is! Congratulations and best wishes forever!!!

  4. Those pics are lovely and so nice for you to have so much help in those early days. It can be a scary time with such a little person so dependant on you but also such a great time getting to know them.