Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Wrapping Up Christmas

We are back at home after a whirlwind trip to all the family. We made two stops in opposite ends of South Carolina so that we could see both of our parents. We love that they live in the same state making it a bit easier to see everyone. We started over at the lake with my parents where there was a lot of eating and game playing- some of my favorite things! 

Monday evening, after an afternoon of darts and shuffleboard at a local spot, we ventured downtown for pizza and to check out the awesome light display their little main street does. They time all of the lights to music and it is really quite impressive. It was a chilly night and definitely felt like December- its a miracle how quickly you lose your tolerance for cold. I kept reminding myself that I'd spent the last year and a half in PA and should be tougher but alas, I am not and was glad to be bundled up in my parka. 

Tuesday was a gloomy day but we didn't let that stop us! We went out for lunch...I said there was a lot of eating right? And then we went miniature golfing! Yes, in December. And yes, it was drizzling/raining throughout our 18 holes but it was SO fun! I don't have any pictures because as I said it was rainy so none of us were looking our best for a photo op. The spot we went is not your typical putt putt course...as in there is no windmill, or pirate ship or other themed characters all around. But instead, it is full of beautiful greenery, water features, sculptures. It's called Oasis and it definitely gives off an oasis vibe. 

Wednesday was "Christmas"! It wasn't really but we made it Christmas with all of our usual traditions. We opened stocking presents, ate breakfast casserole then opened some other gifts. And the remainder of the day was spent relaxing and watching the boys manage dinner. Seriously, you all haven't seen men discuss meat cooking until you have seen my husband and dad together. It was worth it though because they created a delicious prime rib for our Christmas feast! 

On Thursday we headed out of town to make our way to the next town for more Christmas. Hubby's grandparents would also be in attendance which was lovely since I hadn't seen them since our wedding. Friday afternoon we spent the day over at a high school friend's of my husbands. Along with some other high school buddies. I love that these guys have stayed so close and they are truly the most welcoming group of friends. And it's always fun to get everyone together! After a day of catching up it was back to the in-laws for more prime rib. Let me tell you, hubby was in heaven with all of the food choices over the week. 

Saturday was Christmas part 2 and the only evidence I have of it is a picture of our dog Bo in his new sweater...he was a big fan! 

I can assure you the rest of us also enjoyed the merriment of gift giving, and the delightful surprise of being able to be out on the porch in some gorgeous late December weather. We headed back to our own home on Sunday and began trying to unpack and organize. And figure out how our own home is so messy and cluttered when we didn't actually have Christmas here...

In other news...I am now 15 weeks pregnant and showing every bit of that. Not sure if it's baby or the Christmas cookies, or maybe a bit of both! 

I always love the space between Christmas and New Years. Perhaps because as a teacher I've always had that time off as opposed to going back to work in between. But I think it allows for the loveliest of transitions into a new year. There's time to slow down, reflect and look forward. I'm nearing the end of finishing a new years resolution- perhaps for the first time! I'll share more about in the next few days. And anticipating the new year with excitement and joy at the changes coming our way. And of course also practicing a new skill of balancing things on my belly!

Adorable mug courtesy of my sweet sister!


  1. My niece, Sara, is 15 weeks as well. We are so excited for her and her hubby and I am just as excited for you two, too!! Getting around to all the families during the holidays is beautiful and also exhausting. It seems you managed just fine. Thanks for sharing your holidays with us!! xo

  2. Well, what a Christmas! So glad you were able to be all the family and you have the cutest "belly bump." Exciting days ahead!

  3. You're the cutest and we are all in for the happiest of new years xo