Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Week 16

I will not be doing weekly pregnancy updates but I am hopeful to do monthly ones! So this is a little update on me for month 4 of pregnancy (i.e. the last 4 weeks of my life). 

Week 16: Baby is the size of a...Dill Pickle! One of my absolute favorite things is checking on my app Saturday mornings when I wake up to see how baby is changing that week. It tells me the fruit/vegetable or my personal favorite the french pastry it is the size of. For those interested, in the pastry side of things it is this delectable looking dessert. 

I usually tell my husband the fruit/vegetable of the week because he is not up on his french pastry terms but my mom and I (both lovers of all things sweet), enjoy knowing the pastry size too. 

I did manage to take a week 16 photo...I try to remember a weekly photo but it is a struggle! However, you're in luck this week!

I think I've definitely "popped" as they say. Although, I have felt that way for quite a few weeks! I have also definitely received some suspicions of twins but my doctor assures me there is just the one. 

Symptoms: Overall pregnancy has been good to me! I was lucky during my first trimester to pretty much skip the whole morning sickness thing. I had about a week or 2 that I felt pretty nauseous and ate an excessive amount of saltine crackers but never to the point that I couldn't function somewhat normally. My main first trimester symptom was excessive tiredness. Now perhaps it was also related to moving during this time but I did a lot of resting, laying on the couch, and napping during those early weeks. Now that I'm into my second trimester (yay!!), I am still feeling pretty good! I have more energy, although I still don't turn my nose up at plenty of rest and an occasional nap. My main symptom so far for this month has been some added aches and pains. 

Cravings: Not really one thing in particular at this point but often find myself craving different things throughout the week. I mostly crave salty things although I did insist on cookie dough ice cream the other day so my sweet tooth isn't totally gone. But I haven't yet experienced any of those strange pregnancy cravings you hear about- there's still time though. 

My mom got me this adorable bowl and I think its the perfect ice cream bowl...I also use it for other things but I imagine whoever made it pictured pregnant women eating ice cream out of it for sure. 

Favorite Moment of Weeks 12-16: My most recent doctors appointment which was just before 14 weeks. I was expecting just a check up and to hear the heartbeat BUT then was pleasantly surprised to discover I would also get to see our little peanut as well. Nothing is as exciting as seeing that baby pop up on the screen! Our baby moves and wiggles a bunch which is so fun to see during an ultrasound since I can't feel it just yet. 

What I'm Looking forward to in Weeks 17-20: I have two things here. Finally feeling the baby move! It should be soon and I can't wait! And then of course...finding out the gender! Hubby and I both were positive we wanted to know the gender so we've been eagerly anticipating the appointment where that would be possible. Speaking of my hubby being excited about this next appointment, I would just like to say that he has been to both of my other appointments as well and I love that he is so excited and wants to be part of all the moments with me. 

We will be sharing the gender news with our family first but then rest assured, it will be part of my next update as well! 


  1. Awe, so excited for you and can't wait to hear the gender. I'm thinking a little girl would sure be nice to go with the two boy cousins. But, little boys are sure hard to beat. Blessings abundant for the months to come.

  2. This is all just so exciting and thank you for keeping your blogging friends "in the loop" with all the news! I am just so happy for you! xo

  3. Congratulations. I am so happy for you!!!

  4. This is such good news. I'm glad you're uncomfortable symptoms have been relatively minimal. You are clearly enjoying the process and it's fun to read your update.

  5. Definitely more in favour to comparing the size of the baby to a pastry than something like a pickled dill lol. Good to hear all is going well.

  6. Congratulations! I was so excited when your mom posted about your pregnancy.