Saturday, January 29, 2022

Halfway There!

We made it to 20 weeks which means we are halfway to meeting our baby BOY!!! That's right, we're having a boy! I mentioned in my hodgepodge post Wednesday that hubby and I had found out the gender on the 20th and I'm excited to share it out loud now! 

Week 20: Baby boy is the size of a Belgian endive- the vegetable sizes are a bit all over the place in my opinion but nevertheless he is growing and we are thrilled! 

As I mentioned in my last update post, I am not good at weekly photos. I said I was going to do better however you'll notice I do not have a week 17, 18 or 19 photo soo I'll keep working on that! But baby boy is popping in week 20 :) 

Symptoms: Pregnancy continues to treat me pretty well! I will say that this past month I have had quite a bit more hip pain and some sciatic pain. So sleeping isn't as easy but luckily I'm not working now so I am able to rest during the day as well. I also have pregnancy induced acid reflux which is no fun but I'm hanging in there! 

Cravings: I eat a lot of clementines. Like I've eaten 4 today so far. I also still tend to crave things like chips, french fries etc. I'm pretty good at controlling myself and not going overboard, but every now and then hubby opens our pantry to find some odd impulse buy that I couldn't resist at the store. Like a bag of just the "rye toast" pieces- the kind that come in chex mix. And while I don't think it's a craving- ice cream has always been a favorite and continues to be one in pregnancy. Mom and I split this delicious milkshake when she visited this past week. 

Favorite Moment of Weeks 17-20: This is a split answer for me. 1. Definitely finding out the gender was such an exciting moment! Hubby and I found out at our anatomy scan- we didn't do anything special or surprising just let the doctor tell us and it was a really special moment. We both had kind of been feeling like it was a boy but there is that moment as our doctor was getting closer to that section of the scan where I was wondering if my intuition had been off. We also had the joy of telling our immediate family that evening. We told them via a family zoom call- where we popped a balloon filled with blue confetti for them to see. Did I record it? No. Did I take a picture of the excessive amount of confetti all over my floor before hubby swept it up? Also no. But I can assure you it was festive and exciting for all involved. My nephews reactions were my favorite- they both had said they thought it would be a girl baby and were a bit disappointed by the blue butt I think they'll be exited once our little man is here! 

My second favorite moment of this month has been feeling my baby boy move! I have been waiting so expectantly for those first few flutters and it has been so fun finally getting to feel him moving all around. He's always been wiggly at every ultrasound so now to feel all that it's really exciting. Hubby has even gotten to feel a couple kicks as well which has been fun. His excitement remains one of the sweetest things to me about this season. 

What I'm Looking forward to in Weeks 21-24: We're taking a "babymoon" if all goes smoothly travel wise so that will be a much needed rest for both of us and we're excited to be able to take one last vacay as a couple before being joined by our newest family member. And I'm excited to be inching my way closer to baby boy being here!


  1. Congratulations on your son! Love the PJ's. Yes, feeling the baby move is so awesome. That "babymoon" sounds like a great idea. Enjoy! Sorry about the hip pain.

  2. I'm so excited for you all! A boy will be so fun for his cousins and fantastic for hand-me-downs, too! They will be like big brothers! You look fabulous, Maggie! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! xo

  3. Exciting times. I bet when those 3 cousins get together they'll be trouble lol. Feeling your baby move is such a special moment - makes it all so much more real. Hope the reflux settles down.

  4. Oh BOY! Congratulations. Those boy cousins are going to have so much fun! You are looking lovely!

  5. Congratulations! Both my oldest granddaughter and only grandson will be giving us great grandboys this year! What a year for beautiful, healthy, blessed baby boys!

  6. How wonderful! Congratulations! I only had girls, but then had a grandson and he is amazingly wonderful! (Been following your Mom for years on her Blog) Will be reading you more!

  7. Oh, a little boy! There's just nothing like a son or a daughter and we were blessed to get one of each in two tries. So glad that pregnancy has agreed so well with you. And, your "baby bump" is tooo cute!

  8. This is such happy news! I am glad all is going so well for you!