Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Opposite Day in Hodgepodge Land

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 From this Side of the Pond 

1. January 25th is National Opposites Day. 'They' say opposites you agree, and if so is that a good thing? Or do you subscribe more to a 'birds of a feather' philosophy? 

I think it's true that in some aspects opposites attract or at the very least they compliment each other. But I also think- total opposites are going to have more short lived attraction. I think opposites that attract are opposite in a few things- one is outgoing the other more shy, one spontaneous the other more of a planner but I think in the foundations of life they are birds of a feather which keeps them together- pardon this silly rhyming. 

2. Something you're glad to have behind you? Something you're glad is ahead of you? 

Something I'm glad is behind me...middle school. A time of life that while I actually really loved it, would never want to go back to. Something that I'm glad is ahead of me...motherhood, adventures I don't even know about with my husband and future family.

3. Your favorite hot food? Cold food? Are you a fan of breakfast for dinner? 

My favorite hot foot is probably something with cheese- grilled cheese, mac and cheese, cheesy potatoes, cheesy pizza etc. 
My favorite cold food is most likely ice cream or if I'm trying to be healthier I suppose maybe some kind of fruit?

4. Are you someone who always arrives to appointments/events early or do you tend to run late? Last thing you were late for? 

I am always early, not just to appointments but anywhere I need to go I want to be there early and being there let definitely causes me to get antsy. The last thing I was late for was a baby doctor appointment last month and you can ask my husband, I was pitching a mini fit as we sat in some traffic trying to get there as promptly as possible. But lesson learned- we were there 15 minutes early for our next one :) 

5. "What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?" John Steinbeck....Your thoughts? 

I definitely think I appreciate summer weather more because of winter, in the same way I think you appreciate anything more if you can't have it all the time. I think I will fully appreciate a cup of caffeinated coffee in June after 9 months without and I will savor any sunshine I see this week after a week of dreary gray skies last week. But I inevitably know at some point during the summer I will wish for colder weather in one kind of never ending cycle of growing tired of the weather. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

My momma is here for a few days!  We are staying busy shopping and snacking and walking and talking and overall just enjoying the company. Hubby and I found out the gender of our little peanut at our last appointment this past Thursday and shared with our immediate family that evening. Stay tuned later this week for my official announcement here! Any guesses?


  1. I almost put middle school down too - that was some tough years.

    Enjoy the time with your momma!!!!
    & cant wait to hear what the little bean's gender is!!!

  2. So happy that you and your momma are getting some time together. I know you're having a great time. I'm with you on the weather. It's bitter cold here right now, but the skies are bright blue and I'm trying to be happy about that, but I'm definitely looking forward to a little warmer weather. Have a great day!

  3. I didn't even think of pizza as a hot food but yeah, that's def high on my list because I don't eat it all that often.

  4. Enjoyed your thoughtful answers! I hate being late too. It seldom happens, but when it does it's usually something unavoidable like the traffic your mentioned.

    So fun to see the photo of you on your mom's blog! You are looking wonderful! I'm going to guess that the baby is a girl.

  5. I opt for a girl! I have seven grandchildren and there is only one princess in the bunch! Enjoy your mom visit... I can't wait to travel to Virginia and visit with my girl and her crew (all boys!!)

  6. Hi Maggie!! My #2 girl's name is Maggie too! I feel like I know you from reading you Mom's blog. You look positively darling pregnant! Have a wonderful time with your Mom!

  7. Well I'm sure your Mum might like a girl, whereas your sister might prefer a boy but whatever you have it will be well and truly loved.

  8. Wonderful that you know the gender of your precious babe. How sweet that your momma is with you and you can shop and dream! I enjoyed your answers. Happy Hodgepodge to you!

  9. With two boys, perhaps a girl will spark lots of princess stuff but another boy makes for some great boy-cousin adventures with their ages so close. Can't wait for the official announcement! Nice to be spending this special time with your momma right there with you!! A fun Hodgepodge again this week! xo

  10. You have so much to look forward to. Your hot foods sounds yummy. I said ice cream too. I like being early also. I can't wait to see your announcement!

  11. Loved your answers. I loved being a mom and now I am Nonni to two littles and I love that too. Oooh yes, your hot food sounds amazing. I love a good grilled cheese, or anything with melted cheese...haha.