Monday, April 11, 2022

Back in the Groove

Things have been a bit chaotic around here so blogging just didn't feel like it was in my realm of possibility. But the weekend gave us some time to regroup and get settled and I'm feeling good on this Monday morning! 

Thursday, two of my aunts and my grandma drove over from Knoxville to take me to lunch! What a fun part of living close to family! One of those aunts lives pretty far and was down visiting grandma. Since I don't get a lot of opportunity to see her, she decided a lunch date was in order. It was a lovely start to the weekend!

A few posts back I shared that we had a plumbing situation in our kitchen that we were having repaired. The repair went well but then began the much too long process of dealing with the leftover water damage.  We are so grateful we were able to have it fixed and it wasn't more expansive but nevertheless, we spent a full 7 days with fans and dehumidifiers running in the kitchen and plastic sheets blocking it off. This meant a few things. One- the kitchen wasn't really usable- let's be real, if I can't get to the sink I'm not going to be cooking/using dishes. Two- the noise of those fans was so much louder than I anticipated when they said they'd be placing them in there. But after a week of eating out and spending as much time outside as possible, they were able to take the fans away on Friday.

Here is where I am extra thankful for having a super handy husband that knows how to do all the things. He was able to get started right away putting up new drywall on the area we'd cut, getting it sanded down, repainted and then rehanging the kitchen cabinet. Now that did not all happen Friday, but I'm just so glad we didn't have to wait around till Monday for someone to come in and do it for us, since he's so capable himself. Saturday, while the drywall was busy drying we ventured out on a double date which was so fun! We got to try somewhere new and my friend and I introduced the hubby's and we all had a blast. 

Sunday morning, hubby finished sanding and painting the drywall and while the paint dried we went out for a delicious lunch that was capped off with this ginormous milkshake. This cute little restaurant by our house has the most impressive milkshake menu. While they do have some straightforward milkshakes- just a milkshake with whipped cream on top- they are known for their more impressive creations that have basically a full sugary meal on top. So we shared the chocolate cheesecake and were not disappointed at all. 

Afterwards we headed home with very full bellies and got the cabinet rehung which meant I could finally clean up the kitchen! Everything that had been in that cabinet and under the sink etc had been spread out over the other counters for the last week and it was making me crazy. Plus with all of the work being done, everything was covered with a layer of drywall dust. It felt so good to clean and put away after a week of mess. 

We also did some baby things over the weekend too! And by we I mostly mean hubby. We installed the carseat bases in both cars. While its still several weeks until we'll be needing them, we both agreed having them in was better than scrambling if baby boy surprises us early. He finished sanding down an old dresser we're repurposing for the nursery and got the first coat of paint on it as well. He also set up the pack n' play which is going to be a sort of downstairs baby hub so we're not trekking up and down to the nursery all the time. 

It's so fun to start to see things settle into place and imagine the baby being here in those spaces in what I'm sure will be no time at all. I'm 30 weeks so we're really on the homestretch to meeting baby boy! I've got a running 3rd trimester to-do list that I made this weekend and I'm ready to start getting things marked off the list!

Am I the only one who puts things on a to-do list that I've already done just so I can give myself a head start with checking things off? I hope your weekend was filled with things that make you happy like a clean kitchen and yummy milkshakes. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I'm so grateful the leak was spotted when it was and all the work and repairs are done before baby boy arrives. Which is soon-eeeek!!! Pawpaw needs one of those milkshakes from that crazy menu.

  2. Oh wow sounds like total chaos but glad to hear you are now seeing the end of it and getting baby ready. That is not a milkshake it's a dessert on a milkshake glass! Looks delicious.

  3. Oh my gosh - that milkshake!! I'm glad the kitchen is back to being a kitchen and that you are just about ready for that sweet baby to come home! Nice to have lunch with your aunts and grandma!! God is so good! xo

  4. So glad that you have gotten plumbing repair work done and things are back in order. Time is drawing neigh and it looks as though your nest is just about ready. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!