Wednesday, August 24, 2022

What I'm Reading

So I figured I'd switch out of baby mode for a hot minute to share what I've been reading in case anyone is looking for some book ideas. I spent a lot of the last year reading pregnancy related books and now that JB has arrived I have gotten back into some more of my usual reads. Also, I have been listening to some books on audible because it's a great way to pass time when nursing that doesn't involve looking at my phone or watching tv- habits that are so easy to get sucked into when you feel tied to the couch or rocker. I usually tend to read more mystery and thriller books with a healthy mix both historical fiction which I love and some lighter chick-lits. But thrillers tend to keep me awake at night and with a new baby and a hubby who has to travel for work quite a bit, I can't be losing any more sleep than I already am so I haven't been gravitating towards them quite as much. So since little man has been born, here's what's been keeping me entertained...

The Match- Harlan Coben

This is the second book in the "Wilde" series. I am not sure if there will be more but I hope there might because I've enjoyed them. The first book was titled "The Boy from the Woods" and I listened to that last year. The main character- Wilde- was found alone in the woods as a child and noone ever figured out his real identity or how he got there. The books focus some on him and his backstory while also covering an additional storyline that makes for a good mystery book. If you're a fan of other Harlan Coben books I think you'd enjoy it! But definitely read them in order :) 

Big Summer- Jennifer Weiner 

I love a good beach read and picked this up looking for something pretty lighthearted. It surprised me a bit by being both what I would describe as a "chick-lit" book but also a mystery thrown in there. But it kept me hooked and didn't keep me up at night when my husband was out of town (the main reason I can't read solely thrillers). Jennifer Weiner's writing is fun and easy to read and while this probably wasn't my favorite book of hers I'd still give it 3.5/5 stars. 

The Deepest of Secrets- Kelley Armstrong 

This is another book from a series and I have really enjoyed this series as a whole. This is actually number 7 so if you do pick this up, just know there are 6 others you'd probably want to check out beforehand. There is a little "in case you've missed it..." section right at the beginning of this one- almost like a episode recap of some of the main parts of the other books so you don't HAVE to read them but I'd encourage it! The series is based on a town that people can go to to escape their old life for a few years, with the understanding they can remain anonymous while they're there and there is no contact with the outside world. It's set in the remote Yukon Wilderness and Casey, the main character, becomes the town's detective when she applies to live there for her own personal reasons. Throughout the series, a whole multitude of problems/mysteries arise with each book having it's own storyline but all with some interconnected themes. In this particular book, someone in the town is spilling the secrets of why different residents have come to Rockton and the book is complete with a murder, some small town drama and a little bit of romance too. 

People We Meet on Vacation- Emily Henry

I read Emily Henry's "Beach Read" when it came out and loved it! So I've been checking out her other books as well. She has such a fun writing style and I've loved all of her characters. This one is about two best friends and their summer travels together and is a delightful  book that I would describe as a romantic comedy. It alternates between the current summer the characters are in and all of their previous summers leading up to it. A feel good book for sure! 

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo- Taylor Jenkins Reid 

This was a book I had seen talked about a lot and people have loved it! The writing is very well done and I loved that from the beginning you know there is going to be some big "reveal" at some point in the book. So it definitely keeps you turning the pages to see what it will be. It was different than what I was expecting just from reading the book jacket but I did still end up enjoying it! 

Book Lovers- Emily Henry

Speaking of Emily Henry, this is her newest book and it is just as fabulous as her others. It's a light read but the characters aren't plain and boring they still have a lot of depth. This one focuses on a literary agent- her love life, her family life, understanding herself and a few other things. The characters are all super endearing and I felt very invested with them by the end of the book. I see she already has a book set to release next spring and I can't wait! 

Currently I'm just starting to read a book on Kindle called "Persuaded" and I'm starting the physical book of "Beartown". Fredrick Backman wrote "Beartown" and I absolutely love his books and people have told me this is one of their favorites so I'm excited to dive in. Feel free to drop me a book suggestion of what you're reading right now, I'm always looking for new reads! 

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  1. They all look like good reads! Thanks for the recommendations! I LOVE to get into a good series because I tend to get very invested in the characters and their lives (silly, I know). I don't want to end the "relationship" so eagerly go to Amazon and purchase the next one that gets downloaded to my Kindle in a blink! Ahhhh!! Now, pictures of your JB next time!! :) xo