Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Little Fish in a Big Pool

We took our little man swimming this weekend and it was the cutest thing ever! It is so fun getting to do new things with him. It was so hot on Sunday and hubby had been out doing yard work. He mentioned how it would be a good day for the pool and we both decided we would give it a go! 

So we loaded up the pool bag with a baby bathing suit, swim diapers, towels, his sun hat, fan, and float. Gosh babies need a lot of things to go places! Mom and dad got our suits on as well and we headed up to the pool. Well of course as soon as walked out of our house we noticed a very dark cloud over us but decided to go anyways. Pretty much as soon as we got there the rain started which meant we had to kill about 10 minutes under the umbrella before we could actually get to the swimming part. 

That gave me time to get him zipped into his too cute bathing suit and strap on his sun hat. I don't think I'm being biased at all when I say I have never seen a cuter little swimmer. Hubby got the float blown up and the shade attached and we headed into the pool. 

He was not too sure about it. We're not sure if it was the float he didn't care for or maybe the temperature of the water which while pretty warm for a pool it was definitely not as warm as the bath water he's accustomed to. He spent a little time in the float and a bit of time in our arms testing the waters but all in all only wanted to stay in for maybe 10 minutes at the most. 

So after all that...we got back out, put him in a dry diaper and loaded everything back into the stroller to head home. It may not have been a long adventure but it was a cute one! 


  1. He is adorable to the max!! I love that little swimsuit with the long sleeves to protect his sweet skin!! It will be all different next summer, I'm sure!! You will have trouble getting him out of the water!! Great photos, Maggie!! They made me smile! xo

  2. A whole lot of work but you made a sweet, sweet memory. He is so cute!

  3. All these "firsts" are so special and yes he is very cute in his swimsuit.