Friday, July 29, 2022

Out and About

I have managed to make it out of the house for my first outings without the little man. This feels like a pretty huge accomplishment since up until this week we had spent literally every minute together and I was definitely a little worried about how I would do leaving him for the first time. My parents came to town for a few days this week and since I was due to go to the dentist it worked out perfectly. They were able to keep him for the hour I needed to get my teeth cleaned (not that I wasn't looking for any excuse not to go to the dentist- I hate it!). I grabbed a bunch of snuggles and kisses before heading out the door and only worried about super unlikely emergencies a little bit. My parents are excellent grandparents and so I knew he was in good hands- they played and then he took a little nap and I was home just in time for him to be ready to eat. 

Two days later my hubby also had the chance to have some one-on-one time with our boy. There was a women's fellowship event with ladies from church that I wanted to go to and luckily he got home from work in time to allow me to go. It was his first time just the two of them and they had a great time! JB has done great taking a bottle so dad was able to feed him, he took a little nap and then dad introduced him to some of his favorite classic country music. Watching the two of them together is still one of my favorite things about parenthood. 

And even though it feels good to know both him and I can manage being apart for a little bit, I still want to spend almost every minute with my little guy. He is just the sweetest, most fun little person I've ever met! 


  1. Your son is just really really cute!

  2. He is ADORABLE!! He is also blessed to have his adoring parents and grandparents!! xo

  3. Glad your first outing went ok. And yes he is definitely cute!

  4. Oh, my goodness, he is just one dandy little guy and "cute as a button" as my Grandmother use to say. Looks as though you are adjusting very well to Motherhood and I always enjoy stopping by and reading your posts.