Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Weekend Recap

 Anyone else feeling stir crazy these days? I know it's not just us! Hubby and I were both itching for a little mini vacation- we have our (belated) honeymoon coming up in mid-June but it wasn't quite soon enough! And hubby has been working so hard the last few months so we decided to find somewhere we could spend the weekend. Somewhere that wasn't too far, driving distance. And we landed on Atlantic City. Neither of us had been and it seemed like a fun weekend adventure for us. So this past weekend we found a Rover for the dog, loaded up the car and headed out for 2 nights away. 

Before I get into the actual trip, let me tell you the best extra detail we were able to work out. We happen to have to drive right past where my aunt, uncle and Mema live. This would be my momma's mom and her sister's family. I haven't seen this family in so long- I worked it out that I'd seen my Mema in the summer of 2019 and even longer since I'd seen my aunt. AND they had never met my husband! So this was extra special. We didn't stay long- but long enough for some long awaited introductions, hugs and some catch up time. 

After getting checked in and settled, we headed down to the casino to check things out. I had never been to a casino before so I was enthralled with everything- SO MUCH people watching to be done at a casino let me tell you. And in general it is sensory overload but definitely a fun vibe. 

The 2021 Casino look...let me tell you. A mask selfie is tricky!

After checking out the casino we headed out to do a little exploring on the boardwalk and walk to our early dinner reservation at a nearby restaurant. I wish you could tell how truly unbelievably windy it was in this picture here. There was a wind advisory Friday night, with projected gusts up to 50 -60mph. It was wild.  Still, it was a beautiful sunshiny evening at the beach so I was a happy camper!

We went to dinner at Dock's Oyster House and should you find yourself in Atlantic City, you should definitely plan to eat here. It's a super fun spot with delicious food! The restaurant is nearly 120 years old (opening in 1897) which I think is so incredible. And they serve some seriously delicious seafood. They did have some non seafood items, but I'm of the belief that when I'm at the beach I want seafood. So we started with some of their broiled oysters- two ways. Rockefeller and Champagne Leek. Both of which were amazing! And we added a chilled lobster to our appetizer selection because why not? We're on vacation! 

And that was followed with a delightful main course of scallops for me and halibut for hubby. No one was unhappy.  

We also ordered dessert but ate it before I remembered to snag a picture...key lime pie. Which is one of my all time favorites! Besides the delicious food, the atmosphere was really fun! They even had someone playing some live music on the piano.

We ended the evening, spending a little more time at the casino- not being lucky...and walked on the boardwalk. Saturday after a quick morning stop at the casino we spent most of the day up and down the boardwalk. We strolled down to the ferris wheel at one end...


...and then back the other way, checking out the views, doing some serious people watching and popping in to some restaurants for snacks, lunch, drinks- the works. 

The evening included another yummy dinner at Guy Fieri's Chophouse over at a nearby resort. It was great! Although, not as impressive as Dock's in my opinion. And we capped off the night with some gelato. Overall the weekend was relaxing, full of sunshine, quality time with my hubby, time for him to disconnect from work, hand holding down the boardwalk, toasts to the first 3 months of marriage and just enjoying life together. 
And then it was time to get those pups and head home...I'd say based on the pictures they had a good time too :) 



  1. Y'all are the cutest and your pups are too xo

  2. What a lovely getaway vacation, Maggie. I am so glad that you enjoyed Atlantic City. I have not been there in years. We do love a good boardwalk and hope this summer to have a stroll on an ocean boardwalk somewhere not so far away. Enjoy May.

  3. The pups looks quite content. Atlantic City was my first time in a casino, too, but that was way back in 1984. I won $100 in a dollar slot machine at Caesar's. Haven't been that lucky ever again! LOL Seems you had a great long weekend and it is so great that you got some quality time with family! xo

  4. Sounds like a wonderful getaway! Those scallops gave me a yearning for seafood.

  5. Looks like a nice little getaway@ We are going with some folks to Panama City Beach in 3 weeks and I kind of can't wait.