Friday, March 11, 2022

Breakfast Menu Rearranged

I opened the fridge to grab the bagels. As I reached back in to grab the plastic bowl of precut pineapple, my recently developed butterfingers (an odd pregnancy symptom I’ve noticed) kicked in and I lost control of the pineapple. 

The bowl slipped out of my hand and crashed onto the kitchen floor. The lid popped off and pineapple with all its juice went flying across the kitchen floor. 

Several paper towels and a wet swiffer later, we were back to good as new. Although I’ve now decided I don’t need to buy such sticky fruit anymore. 

I guess we aren’t having pineapple with our breakfast today…

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  1. Sometimes, you spill the pineapple. Glad you could face it with positivity!

  2. Oh my... pineapple is awfully sticky. I dropped a whisk that was covered in gravy a couple of days ago... it splattered everywhere. I decided it was easier to just Swiffer the whole floor than to try and find all the splatters! Happy weekend!

  3. Ugh, and pineapple is soooo very sticky. Don't you just love Swiffers! I have the wet mop, the duster mop and the vaccuum. Love all of them. Have a great weekend!

  4. Shame about the pineapple and the mess but at least the bowl was plastic and you didn't have broken glass to deal with as well.