Sunday, March 13, 2022

Sunday Seven Sequel

Whoops! Yesterday got away from me and I missed day 12. But I'm back at it today and doing a repeat of last Sunday's slice with a new edition of the Sunday Seven. 

Sunday Seven 

1. After a snowy day yesterday, the grass is back to being green and the temperature, while still cold, is on the rise. Snow in March...not what I was expecting when we moved from PA to TN. 

2. A delicious lunch out at one of our favorite restaurants is the perfect start to a Sunday afternoon. 

3. Lunch included the largest slice of quiche I have ever seen. Seriously. I'm not sure where they even managed to find a pan that would make a quiche of that depth. 

4. We said goodbye to my in-laws today after a lovely weekend visit with them. The weekend didn't quite go as planned- hubby and my FIL had planned to work on some outdoor projects but the snow got in the way and a call out to work for hubby meant they didn't get quite as much time with him as they had probably hoped but the three of us still had a great time checking out some local spots! 

 5. A perk of a cold Sunday means I don't feel guilty spending the day relaxing on the couch. After working overnight hubby definitely needs the rest and my pregnant self is always happy for down time. So a relaxing afternoon of our favorite shows and maybe a few cat naps on the couch will be perfect.  

6. Another perk of a lazy Sunday means time to start my next book. I have a couple to choose from so I'm not sure what that will be yet but I always love diving into a new read. 

7. The highlight of my weekend was getting the crib set up in the nursery! I did not actually help with this at all but my father in-law and hubby did a great job and I can't wait until there's a baby boy in there! 

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  1. I can't wait until there's a baby boy in that beautiful crib either : )

  2. Love the crib!! Lazy Sundays really are the best! I had one of those today too but my recliner is my happy place!! Have a great week! xo

  3. The best laid plans... I love your crib. It's so exciting preparing for a new little one's arrival.

  4. The crib is beautiful! Stay in East Tennessee long enough and you'll discover many of our biggest snows are in March (e.g. The Blizzard of '93...also on March 12!) The nice thing is it's usually been warm enough prior that the snow doesn't stick around too long. Beautiful to see though!