Thursday, March 10, 2022

To Stand or Not To Stand

I consider myself a rule follower by nature. I like rules, I like to follow them and I'm usually of the mindset that the rules are probably there for a reason so I like to be respectful of that. I also think that in being a teacher, the idea of following directions is just built into my DNA. 

Except one.

There is one direction that I don't think I've ever followed in my adult life. 

"Let it stand in microwave for 1-2 minutes."

I mean, come on, are people doing that? Am I the only one that throws caution to the wind and just pulls my microwaved goodness out when it is screaming hot rather than giving it a minute or two to stand? I feel confident I am not alone in this mini microwave rebellion. 

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  1. I am a rule follower too! I always wonder why the directions say "let it stand." Is it because it keeps cooking? Is it a safety reason? Anyway, it depends on my mood if I break that rule or not!

  2. LOL... The same goes for taking something out of the oven! Even the Thanksgiving turkey should rest for 15 minutes before it is carved. Really?!! Your post made me chuckle, Maggie! Thanks for the levity! xo

  3. I am NOT necessarily a rule follower, but occasionally I let it stand OUTSIDE the microwave. It does help the texture sometimes. Sometimes you are hungry and just don't wait and sometimes you have exactly 8 minutes to eat it, so......

  4. Lol, I usually let it stand so I don't burn my tongue!