Monday, March 28, 2022

Hey Third Trimester

We had a weekend away that began Thursday so my blog got away from me. I am not usually up and going so much for 4 days in a row so it wore me out, but was definitely worth it! In theory that's our last little getaway before we become a family of three, so it was good to make the most of it. I'll be writing about that trip later this week but for now I am due for a pregnancy update. As of Saturday I am officially 28 weeks which also means I am officially in my 3rd trimester. 

The home stretch people! Meeting our baby boy is on the horizon which is so exciting, and only a bit overwhelming when we think of the still to do items on our list. 

According to my pastry calculations this week baby boy is the size of a "Couronne Bread". I will save you the google and tell you it is a bread that has been shaped to look like a crown. If you're more into fruits and vegetables then baby boy is either a head of romaine lettuce or a coconut (assumably a pretty large one based on the other items). No matter which item you measure him with,  both hubby and I have determined that he is growing quickly and so it my belly! Whew, in the last week I've just started to feel extra large in the belly department. And a bit like a turtle that's stuck on its back when I try and get off the couch.  He was in the 61% at our last appointment and as always was moving all around. I can tell he is going to be a busy little guy. 

Symptoms: This months symptoms are a continuation of the acid reflux, although I seem to be getting that somewhat under control which is a huge blessing. And the general aches and pains of growing a human- some backaches and rib pain.  But again, with the chiropractic care I'm getting the pain has been manageable and for that I am grateful. As I move into the 3rd trimester I'm thinking some of my fatigue may show it's face again but I don't mind having an excuse to nap :) I still love being pregnant and am grateful on a daily basis that things have gone so smoothly for me so far. 

Funny Story of the Month: I don't really have any cravings at the moment, so I'm trading that section of my update for a funny story about the moment I realized my belly was bigger than I thought. As I mentioned we were away for the weekend- we spent a few days on the Bourbon Trail with my parents and my aunt and uncle. I realize that seems an odd place for a pregnant lady to vacation but it was great! I'm not a bourbon drinker anyways so I didn't mind having an excuse not to taste. One morning, the ladies were strolling through the downtown shops while the guys were at a tasting. We went in the cutest home boutique and looked at all of their beautiful things. I noticed there was a very large staircase in the middle and asked if they had a lot more upstairs, I wanted to know if it was worth climbing the staircase before heading up. The kind owner told me that they have a few things up there but not too much but that I was welcome to still climb the stairs if I thought it might help get labor going! What?! No thank you, I'm actually due in June not March so I definitely do not want labor to begin as much as my belly may disagree. I got quite the kick out of that. 

Favorite Moment of Week 25-28: We had our first baby shower which was so fun! We got so many lovely things and got to spend time with lots of our loved ones and it was overall just a glorious weekend celebrating our baby boy. And hitting the 3rd trimester! That feels huge and exciting and like a big milestone for sure. Oh an for those that read about my gestational diabetes test, I am thrilled to announce everything came back fine so it was worth the yucky experience of doing the test. 

What I'm Looking Forward to in Week 29-32: Starting to get things organized and ready for the baby! Our nursery is now full of all kinds of fun baby things and it's time to start nesting, sorting, organizing and getting everything ready for our little man. Hubby is helping me get a dresser set up and then we'll be ready to roll in terms of getting things organized. We obviously don't have everything yet but it will be so fun to make a dent in it and start to feel the reality of his arrival 


  1. What a delightful time in one's life! You have captured the magic of pregnancy so beautifully here. I adore this description of what you feel like, "a turtle that's stuck on its back when I try and get off the couch" - that, I remember! Enjoy these remaining weeks of waiting and preparing! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on you pending arrival. From my own experiences as a grandma recently, I can tell you the biggest need is to get lots of rest before your little guy arrives!

  3. Congratulations on your growing family and may your growing belly not get in the way of your sleeping, at night or during naps.

  4. Thanks for the update, Maggie! You look beautiful and I am glad the nursery is coming together. These last weeks will go by quickly!! xo