Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Turning Heads at Publix

This morning I was wandering the grocery story aisles, doing a lot of back and forth to aisles I'd already passed because while I did come with a list, it was incomplete and not well thought out. So I had a slow leisurely stroll through the aisles of Publix trying to be sure not to miss anything, sipping the Starbucks I had treated myself to on the way to the store. 

And as I perused the wine aisle and placed a bottle in my cart, I couldn't help but notice a few questioning looks. You see between the coffee cup, the wine and the pregnant belly I was not the picture of responsible pregnant woman. It should be noted here that while I'm not exactly about to pop, I'm definitely visibly pregnant. People don't look at me and wonder if maybe I just had an extra large meal shortly before arriving to the store. 

And despite that fact that the coffee was decaf and the wine is for visitors we have coming this weekend (visitors who aren't on a 9 month hiatus from vino), I could feel the slightly judging or at the very least concerned eyes of the people I passed in that aisle. "Doesn't she know caffeine is bad for the baby?" "I sure hope that wine isn't for her!". 

I think people these days feel a sense of entitlement to judge others prematurely based on very little information and I think that becomes even more pronounced in pregnancy. People feel perfectly comfortable offering pregnancy and parenting advice (or criticism) to people they don't even know without ever having all the facts. And I know I'm guilty of the same, making a snap judgement about someone that probably reads all over my face when I don't have anything to base it on really. 

Today, I just laughed about the situation to myself, texted a fellow pregnant friend about it so we could laugh together and went about my day. But I think it was a reminder to me as well. To be gentle with people. Because we don't ever really know what's in their Starbucks cup so to speak. 

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  1. I really wish people would just mind their own business around women's health. It's great that you could laugh about it... but others have been in similar situations and not have been pregnant. Sorry you were a victim to judgmental stares

  2. You have a great attitude! Best wishes for a pleasant pregnancy (my daughter-in-law is pregnant with our first grandchild -- we're very excited!).

  3. Yes, I think we are quick to judge, often. Your post today is a great reminder to be kinder as we go about our grocery shopping and so much more! xo

  4. That is so frustrating and I'm so glad you were able to laugh it off. Reading about your experience is just another reminder to me that people feel entitled to comment on and critique WOMEN'S bodies ALL THE TIME. Too fat, too skinny, dressed too provocatively, dressed like a nun, trying too hard, not trying hard enough... and they make value judgments on our character based on our appearance! As evidenced by the dichotomies listed above, we can never win. I, for one, am tired of our bodies being viewed as public property which other folks believe they have a say about.

    Congratulations on your little person!